Welcoming our new chair

Posted on: October 7, 2011

The Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders is gearing up for an exciting future under the direction of Rahul Shrivastav PhD, who will join MSU as chair of the department in January.

Rahul comes to MSU from the University of Florida with a combination of talents that include significant scientific expertise in the field of communicative sciences and disorders, as well as a spirit of innovation and leadership in propelling this important discipline to new heights. He has numerous plans to make the department a global leader in research and teaching of communicative sciences and disorder. 

He will work with faculty to move CSD to the forefront of knowledge generation and technology development in the field. By embracing technology, Rahul knows the department can make significant contributions to the field and help develop innovative solutions for those who face communication disorders.  He also plans to propel the graduate program forward. He is committed to making MSU the best place to study communicative sciences and disorders now and far into the future. That will mean making sure students are graduating with knowledge and training in the best practices in the field and that they also know how to think critically and creatively. 

Third, Rahul himself is highly renowned scholar, and he has an energetic vision to encourage more connections and collaborations for faculty across MSU and with other universities. The CSD faculty is dedicated to the highest quality of teaching and research. They are eager to move forward and work towards building one of the best CSD programs in the country. Because the department is uniquely situated in our college, we can maximize research about communication and work together on many types of projects.

Finally, he will be connecting with CSD alumni, who are located throughout the world. Our alumni are helping people and many have achieved the highest level of success in their chosen professions. I suspect he will be highly impressed with the caliber of CSD alum from MSU.

This is great news for the department, the alumni and the students of CSD and all of MSU. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Rahul Shrivastav!

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