Understanding User Needs and Context to Inform Consumer Health Information Technology (IT) Design (R01)

Posted on: December 10, 2013


This is a Large Research Project (R01) FOA to express AHRQ's interest in funding research projects that will build a knowledge base of individuals' personal health information management (PHIM) needs and practices and the design principles related to these activities. The increased interest in and availability of consumer health information technology (IT) applications meant to assist consumers in managing their personal health information has rapidly increased over the past decade. Many other industries have greatly benefited from design principles that take into account user needs and context, which help designers improve the utility of information management tools among a heterogeneous population of users. Individuals are the end users of consumer health IT; however, there is still a lack of basic research around these end users' PHIM practices and needs and how these methods are influenced by a multitude of other contextual factors (e.g., care settings, demographics, motivations, user capabilities and limitations, informal caregiving networks, technology sophistication, and access to Internet) that, typically, represent a mixture of facilitators or barriers to adequate PHIM. This FOA looks to bridge the chasm that currently exists between consumer health IT designers and the users themselves, by bolstering basic research to better understand users' PHIM practices, needs, and goals as they are intrinsically shaped by an array of contextual factors.

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