Trifecta Intellectual Leaders Off and Running

Posted on: September 10, 2013

trifecta-groupOn Monday, 12 Trifecta Intellectual Leaders (TIL), researchers from three different colleges - College of Communication Arts & Sciences, College of Engineering and College of Nursing - convened in person for the first time in new collaborative space on the second floor of the CAS building.

Trifecta is a tri-college initiative with the overarching goal to advance the delivery of nursing and health services and solutions to underserved communities.

Achieving a "trifecta" means successfully betting on the first three winners in a race. And, MSU's Trifecta seeks to be the first three to cross the finish line in the international race to create innovative communication technology applications to improve health outcomes.

"Trifecta brings together communication experts with people who design technology and who study health care with the goal of research collaboration from across the three colleges," said Shelia Cotten, one of the Trifecta leaders and Media and Information(TISM) professor.

This innovative collaboration has been forged with the goal of seeding teams of researchers to craft cutting-edge research projects in this realm and elevate MSU's research profile. The unique convergance of insights from the three colleges is the key to its anticipated success.

The Trifecta initiative was launched last September and since then has been sharing information about current research projects and developing partnerships for upcoming grant submissions. Currently, they are working on a doctoral level, collaborative course that will be launched in the spring of 2014.

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