Trifecta: A Winning Bet for CAS

Posted on: October 5, 2012

TrifectaAchieving a trifecta means successfully betting on the first three winners in a race. Three MSU colleges are joining forces to create a "Trifecta" to maximize our competitive position for research funding success. Our college is joining with the College of Engineering and the College of Nursing to create a tri-college initiative for launching innovative projects to study new communication and engineering technologies. The overarching goal would be advance delivery of nursing and health services/solutions to underserved communities.

This nontraditional collaboration will be uniquely competitive for external funding due to the unique convergence of insights from all three disciplines. The Trifecta seeks to be the first three to cross the finish line in the international race to create innovative applications to improve health outcomes.

Last Thursday, September 27, more than 25 researchers from the three colleges met for our first Trifecta event to share information about our current research projects and develop partnerships for upcoming grant submissions.

We have received financial support from the Provost for these efforts in the form of faculty lines and a GA to support research. We hope this collaboration will spark engagement among faculty members and stronger relationships across the campus.

Our first "race" was a success, as each college shared their research in a series of discussions and poster presentations. Satish Udpa, dean of College of Engineering and Mary Mundt, dean of the College of Nursing were both in attendance, and I believe they are just as excited as I am about this initiative and the success of our first symposium. It is a great privilege to work with these two outstanding MSU college partners as we pursue our Trifecta.

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