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In August, Amol Pavangadkar took a break from teaching film, video, and audio production to students in the MSU College of Communication Arts and Sciences and instead co-directed a First Responder Training Workshop in Delhi, India. He worked alongside his

An assistant professor of Media and Information, Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures at MSU has drawn on her heritage to design a singing game that raises awareness of threats to water and offers paths to healing through song.
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Geri Alumit Zeldes, an associate professor and graduate studies director in MSU’s School of Journalism, has a documentary in the works. “Flint Med,” the tentative title, is about third and fourth-year medical students in the College of Human Medicine

Journalism senior Jordan Jennings took 1st place with "Underwear," an abstract portrait project which garnered nearly 800 ‘likes.’ Bothered by society’s objectification and unequal treatment of women, Jennings designed her poster to embrace Underwear’s graphic beauty, emphasizing each woman’s individuality and colorful collective dynamism. Continue reading

n Freaky Deaky Flashback, you assume the role of an undercover FBI Agent, Daniel Jacobs, immersed in the rebellious counter-culture of the late-1960s. You must infiltrate a group of deviant college students whose peaceful demonstrations have turned… Continue reading

Feather Feud is a set of party games for casual gamers who are looking to stir up friendly competition. Up to four players can play on the same device. Feather Feud utilizes simple flick and tap mechanics to create an addictive gameplay experience… Continue reading

Downriver is the result of a collaboration between three universities’ top film and video students. The world premiere of “Downriver”took place Thursday, April 25, 2013 at the Detroit Film Theatre. The program was followed by a dessert afterglow. Continue reading

Throughout time, Poseidon has claimed the valuables of man as his own and protected them through coral gates. As Al the Albino Hydrophobic Shark, players travel the six seas in search of the lost artifacts of humanity.
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