TISM Projects


In the class MI 497: Game Design Studio, media and information students with enthusiasm for game design are given real-world opportunities to create digital gaming experiences for users. A team of six students from the class, ranging from 3D art, programming

Media and Information’s Elizabeth LaPensée and Jon Whiting contributed to two new games called “Manoominike” and “Mikan” for the Duluth Children’s Museum in Minnesota. With the help of the museum and a committee of Anishinaabe community members, these games pinpoint

Ross Chowles, ComArtSci professor of practice in the Department of Advertising + PR and One Club board member, began his relationship with Michigan State University when he led workshops at a One Club event in China. It was here when

Just in time to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions, MI Professor Carrie Heeter has published a new meditation app.
RelaxU includes five 10-minute seated meditations: Calming, Favorite Place in Nature, Comfort, Releasing, and Stability. Each has been carefully

The 2016 East Lansing Film Festival is right around the corner and you can catch five ComArtSci produced films during the event From November 3 – 10, Wells Hall and Studio C! Meridian Mall Theater will show independent films from

How can a virtual pet or plant help a family to establish healthy routines? Wei Peng, associate professor in the Department of Media and Information at the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, is developing a system called FRESH (Family

In August, Amol Pavangadkar took a break from teaching film, video, and audio production to students in the MSU College of Communication Arts and Sciences and instead co-directed a First Responder Training Workshop in Delhi, India. He worked alongside his

An assistant professor of Media and Information, Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures at MSU has drawn on her heritage to design a singing game that raises awareness of threats to water and offers paths to healing through song.
As an

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