TISM Offers Media Summer Camps for Sixth Year

Posted on: June 4, 2013

tism-campSince 2007, the Media and Information(TISM) department has offered MSU Media Summer Camps to middle and high school students. In those six years, they have grown from offering three programs to now offering over 10.

Enrollment in the camps has also increased. In the first year, TISM enrolled 40 students. Now, there are about 200.

"We are still limited in our enrollment because we offer technology-focused camps and our computer laboratory spaces only seat so many persons per room," explains Amanda Krueger, TISM Outreach Specialist. "We also teach very specialized topics, and students perform better over the course of the week-long program with more individual attention from faculty, given that the space in each section is limited."

All MSU Media Summer Camps are led by current faculty or industry professionals in the camp topic they oversee. The College of Communication Arts and Sciences provides the laboratory resources, technology equipment and space.

According to Krueger, the department experiences a high retention rate of campers. Many students attend camps for multiple years and even decide to come to MSU as a four-year student based on their camp experience.

Students who attend these pre-college camps are given added consideration towards their application for admission. Participants of the camps are also eligible for additional scholarships only available to students who invest their time in attending MSU pre-college programs.

"These camps serve as a powerful recruiting tool for the college," Krueger said. "Because the college looks to recruit the most creative and talented students, offering programs that develop skills in our college's areas of study gives us an advantage in identifying talented prospective students early on."

This year, over the course of four weeks, six camp topics are being offered, including Miss Media Michigan, audio recording, digital cinema, web design, 3D graphics and animation, and video game design.

All camps are adapted from a college curriculum into a digestible week-long course, but are designed to be a real representation of what it would be like to study the topic in a college environment.

"We want all of our visiting students to be excited to go home and make games, movies, websites and music. We want them to continue being creative and become better at adapting to the technology if they chose to pursue a career in these areas," Krueger said. "We also hope by attending a pre-college program, students are more informed about the type of college or university that is appropriate for them."

For the next six weeks we will be featuring one MSU Media Summer Camp per week. For more information on the camps, please contact Amanda Krueger at (517) 432-9841 or via email at mediacamps@msu.edu.

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