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Posted on: July 13, 2012

TISM camp studentsSome of the faces in the college look a bit younger in July as we welcome middle and high school students attending our Telecommunication Information Studies and Media (TISM) camps.   We have three camps going on this week for the high schoolers: Music Recording Camp, Digital Cinema Camp and Video Game Design Camp.

The Music Recording Camp allows the students to explore audio creation, studio production and learn how to recreate a digital audio workstation for recording at home. Students are learning about sound foundations; session recording through microphone use, placement and cable set-up; mixing; digital recording software (ProTools); and audio postproduction including editing and effects.

The Digital Cinema Camp students create a short digital movie using professional techniques. Topics include Short Film Storyline and Structure, Shooting the Digital Film, Editing the Digital Film, and Movie Analysis and Critique. At the close of this workshop, campers will write, shoot, edit and burn a DVD with their very own short film.

The Video Game Design Camp teaches students the basics of game design and development. Throughout the week, students are engaged in the game design process, from the initial game ideation, storyboarding and pitching to the iterative development process of prototyping, play testing and balancing. Students learn the processes, tasks and roles involved in game development, including those of programmer, artist, designer and producer, while building their very own 3D video game.

Next week, beginning July 16, are the Television Production, Advanced Game Design, 3D Graphics and Animation, Advanced Digital Cinema and Advanced Video Game Camps.

Our last week of TISM camps is the week of July 23 for our middle school students to attend our Video Game Design Camp or our Digital Cinema Camp.

All of the students receive five full days of hands-on instruction at the camps and the high school students have the option of staying overnight in the dorms on campus. I can personally attest to the amazing experiences these camps offer.  This is the third summer in a row that my 15-year-old son, Ben has attended one of the camps. This year, he is part of a team writing, shooting and editing a first horror film. Much to my surprise, he was even discussing budgets over dinner last night.  

It’s always a pleasure to have our aspiring CAS Spartans come for a visit!

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