'The Woz' at TCFF will showcase the future of gaming

Posted on: July 21, 2016

Michigan State University has partnered with the Traverse City Film Festival to facilitate and host its hands-on, interactive showcase called “The Woz.” MSU staff, students and volunteers will be on site to offer out-of-this-world and innovative virtual reality experiences and video games.

A unique addition to this year’s showcase is the new HTC Vive, a virtual reality head-mounted display that transforms gaming and film by placing you inside the game, giving you control of your surroundings and allowing you to interact with the story.

“The Woz” will be located at Hotel Indigo at 263 West Grandview Parkway in Traverse City. Stop by on July 27 to 30 from noon to 9 p.m. and July 31 from noon to 5 p.m.

HTC Vive


In this game, explore the depths of the ocean and the remains of a sunken ship while coming face-to-face with a variety of sea creatures, including an 80-foot whale.

Tilt Brush 

Test your artistic ability with Tilt Brush, a virtual reality painting program which allows you to create 3D, life-size art and be a part of your creation.

Job Simulator  

Find out what job best fits your skillset in this robotic world by living out a day as a mechanic, an office worker or even a short order cook.

Space Pirate Trainer 

Fulfill your childhood fantasies of becoming a space pirate and test your aim on the virtual targets.

Arizona Sunshine 

Jump into the zombie apocalypse in the Grand Canyon state and defend yourself against the living dead while searching for fellow survivors.

The Lab

Experience virtual reality in all forms: adopt a mechanical dog, make repairs to a robot, protect a castle using your archery skills and more.

Party Games

Rocket League and Live eSports Casting 

This game puts a twist on the average soccer game by replacing the athletes with rocket-powered cars. Use your rocket-engines to battle the opposing team and shoot the ball into their goal. Rocket League is taking eSports by storm, so stop by the casting booth and try calling a match!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

It’s a race against time as you and your teammates help a trapped player to defuse a bomb. Only the player in the room with the bomb can see it. The rest of the players have the bomb defusal manual. It’s up to teamwork and communication to beat the clock!

Indie Games

That Dragon, Cancer 

That Dragon, Cancer offers a look into the real-life story of the Green family and their experience raising their son Joel, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at twelve months old, but lived for four more years. The game is designed to make the player feel the emotions and experience the high and low moments of this time in the Green family’s life.  

Her Story 

This game gives the player access to fictional police interviews with a woman about her missing husband. The player has to search the database and review video clips in order to solve the case.

GameDev @ MSU

Several games designed and programmed by students and faculty from the Game Design and Development Program at Michigan State University will also be available at “The Woz”. Come meet the next generation of game developers and play the games that they’ve created!

Rogues Like Us 

Become a rogue, find your weapons and fight your way out of exile.


Rival treasure hunters team up to find and obtain a technological artifact called the Key. Players must fight their way through challenges in order to capture the Key.


In Debris Removal Operation (DROp), the player explores asteroid fields as a space pioneer while removing debris.  

Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab

Discover how games go beyond entertainment with the latest from the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab.


Search for your missing baby dragon in this children’s adventure game developed in collaboration with Michigan State University Federal Credit Union to help kids learn about finances.

Kerem B’Yavneh 

Your favorite farming, city-building games meet the richness and vibrancy of Jewish ritual, history and thought.

Reach Higher 

In this game, play as your favorite Big Ten mascot: Sparty! Help him reach as many cotton tufts and roses as possible before the big game.

More Information

When you’re ready to exit virtual reality and step back into real life, check out the other opportunities that MSU has to offer at the Traverse City Film Festival! Don’t miss the documentary films produced by students or the work of festival interns from MSU. Learn more about what to expect at the MSU at TCFF website.

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