The latest on the Media Sandbox

Posted on: January 28, 2012

The Media Sandbox is getting attention!

Our new integrated media arts program is featured on the cover of the winter edition of the MSU Alumni Magazine. The article is a wonderful tribute to an increasingly successful program with more than 600 freshmen already enrolled. Every year, that number will grow.

Our Media Sandbox faculty have big plans this semester. Our faculty members are pushing the boundaries of media and creating new tools and products every day. They are involved in many creative projects on and off campus, including multimedia creations, films, art projects, presentations and much more. 

We are also inviting top creatives from around the world to inspire our students. In addition to the Media Sandbox Creative Challenge, we are planning a variety of lectures this semester. Toby Shimin, editor of the Sundance Film Festival award-winning documentary "Buck," will screen the film, visit students and offer a master class in March. In April, Ben Fry, a principal of design firm Fathom and author of “Visualizing Data," will visit and offer a master class. We will be announcing new speakers on a regular basis and invite you to join us.

We especially thank you - alumni, students and friends of the college - for your support of the program. We aim to be known as the best integrated media arts program in the nation and the Media Sandbox is pushing us to the next level.

I hope you will take the time to read the article in the MSUAA magazine and send me your feedback and ideas as the Media Sandbox grows. Email me at

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