The freshmen are coming! The freshmen are coming!

Posted on: July 20, 2012

CAS buildingSummer is more than halfway through and we are embracing the incoming freshmen as they visit campus and begin to plan their college careers at the freshmen Academic Orientation Program (AOP).
Although such a large campus can seem overwhelming, we make sure every student coming to CAS feels like family. Each student's success is equally important here; we have an amazing team of knowledgeable academic advisors in the college who are eager to start working with CAS students before they officially begin their freshman year.
Throughout AOP, in addition to getting a taste of life in the dorms-- and a taste of the new and improved cafeteria food -- students also have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with their personal academic advisors to have all of their questions answered and to plan their first-year schedule of courses. We also give tours to the students visiting the college and we provide group advising to explain all of the majors and specializations within the College of Communication Arts & Sciences, as we have a lot of options between our five departments and our multi-disciplinary Media Sandbox. Our students are exposed to hands-on studies and research taught by some of the best faculty in higher education.
Many freshmen come to college with undeclared majors and many students change their majors midway through their college careers— and that's fine, they have plenty of time to decide. In their first  steps as independent adults, we encourage all incoming freshmen to ask questions and explore the wide array of academic options.
Let me conclude by congratulating all of our incoming freshmen on admittance to the prestigious Michigan State University.  We're counting the days until this impressive new class joins our exceptional group of CAS majors.

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