The Avenue Opening Big Hit With Students

Posted on: September 6, 2013

avenueWalking down the west corridor of the Communication Arts & Sciences building, you will find three revamped rooms dedicated to students, a place for them to collaborate and develop the next idea or to just relax between classes.

Named "The Avenue," the people, resources and spaces within this area, including Advising and Career Services, are available to students, helping make their experience at CAS more meaningful and productive.

Students from various majors in the college helped with ideas for the rooms, the types of activities the rooms would support, furniture layout and conceptual drawings. These were integrated into the final designs.

"The rooms were formerly run-of-the-mill classrooms. When Microsoft approached us with the idea of building, what they call an 'application lab,' and were willing to contribute to the project, we began working on the design of Room 184," said Rich Tibbals, Information Systems Technology Manager. "Clint Crook, our alum and Microsoft employee, spearheaded the effort within his company. Eventually, we (the college) decided to build out Room 182 for student collaboration, team work, etc., as part of our undergraduate services corridor on the first floor."

In addition to Microsoft and Crook, alumni Craig Murray, whom Room 190 is named after, contributed financially. Murray is the founder and CEO of Burbank-based CMP Entertainment Group Inc. and mOcean, one of the largest creative marketing/design agencies and production companies in the entertainment industry.

"It is so wonderful to have alums give back to support our current students in their academic, innovative and professional pursuits. These new spaces were made possible by alums and the amazing companies they work for," said Janet Lillie, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. "The rooms have been a real hit for students already with group meetings, studying, casual conversation and even playing video games!"

To celebrate the opening, Lillie and the Advising and Career Services staff hosted an event where students were invited to walk along The Avenue for a "progressive munchies crawl," including popcorn, mini-sub sandwiches, cookies and bottled water.

Students and faculty filled the hallway enjoying not only the food but also the spaces being showcased.

"They seem like good spaces and it looks appealing for group work," Geoff Preston, Journalism junior said. "This will bring more people in to utilize this area of the building."

If you have not stopped by rooms 182, 184 and 190, we invite you to check them out and use the space to collaborate, innovate and relax. And most importantly, make yourself at home!

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