Than McClure of Scientifically Proven! Visits MSU Media Sandbox and Spartasoft's Friday Studio Talk

Posted on: April 16, 2013

thanmcclure-webOn Friday, April 5th, Scientifically Proven's CEO Nathaniel "Than" McClure visited MSU's campus to share his personal experience in the industry--from working on the Call of Duty series in California to relocating his entire team and family to Michigan to start his own company.

The visit was part of a speaker series produced by Spartasoft, Michigan State University's student-run game development club. The club invites game development studios to talk with Spartasoft members and MSU students about their company's work and other game industry related topics. MSU Media Sandbox has generously supported several of the events.

McClure discussed the mental challenges and physical demands that come with making games, often resulting in game development teams working in constant crunch. However, he also shared with event attendees how amazing and rewarding making games can be for the players who eventually interact with the published game. Scientifically Proven's very successful first-person shooter game titled Firefighter for Nintendo Wii is known for being one of the few non-violent video games that allow children to play as a hero and extinguish fire. Not only did parents love the game for its twist on popular game genres that does not involve violence, but firefighters all around the country appreciated the game about their profession that shows the importance and impact of firefighters through an immersive interactive experience. Than also teamed up with the charity, the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, to provide games to firefighters and their families--a philanthropic effort Than continues today with Scientifically Proven's games.

Lately, Than has been working closely with the state of Michigan to ensure that game studios in the state can take full advantage of the entertainment tax incentive programs located here. Spartasoft greatly appreciates Than's efforts since many members want to stay in Michigan after graduation and continue to make games.

Overall, attendees got a very personal look into the life of a business owner and game developer. Spartasoft, Media Sandbox, and MSU sends its thanks again to Than for generously sharing his time, wisdom, and experience. MSU's game design students benefit greatly by knowing him, the great work of Scientifically Proven, and what challenges to anticipate working for a big game development firm or an indy game company! We hope to continue developing a relationship between Scientifically Proven and Spartasoft.

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