What program participants are saying...

"The program was wonderful. I have an MA in Advertising and Marketing Communications, which contained similar content to the MSU modules. However, this MSU program still taught me a lot. I have learned how to use several new tools like Storify and Spokio, and gained new communication skills here and there. Also, getting the opportunity to meet leading communication professors was a blessing. Programs like this should be a must for every PR representative to keep us sharp and updated on the latest trends."
"Thank you from all my heart for putting this program together. The knowledge gained will assist me in achieving my goals."
"The engaging content we learned will undoubtedly provide us with practical tools we can use at work in the field of communications and PR for a long time to come moving forward. The assignments were also pleasurable and stimulating. They did not feel at all like work, but more like a pleasant escape from daily work duties: a chance to demonstrate critical thinking, creativity and reasoning abilities."
"It has taught me new and exciting materials and innovative techniques."
"The content was engaging and very interesting. We were supported to learn and develop."
"The instructors were very engaging. What struck me most was their keenness and openness to open discussion and hearing our opinions."
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