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Knight Center Faculty, Students Present Research at International Conference

Posted on: June 26, 2015


Faculty and doctoral students affiliated with the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism played an active role as presenters and panelists at the International Environmental Communication Association’s 2015 Conference on Communication and the Environment.

The theme of the June 11-14 gathering at the University of Colorado in Boulder was “Bridging Divides: Spaces of Scholarship and Practice in Environmental Communications.”
As part of an effort to increase the organization’s engagement with environmental journalism teachers and researchers, Knight Center Research Director Bruno Takahashi organized and moderated a panel called “Bridging Environmental Journalism and Practice, Research and Education: Current State and Mapping Future Directions.”

In addition to Knight Center Director Eric Freedman and Senior Associate Director Dave Poulson, the panel included several University of Colorado-Boulder environmental journalism professors, the president of Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting and a Colorado freelancer.

Takahashi also presented a research paper, “Natural Resource Management in Times of Crisis: Social Dynamics of Scarce vs. Abundant Resources.”

At the same session, MSU Journalism Associate Professor Manuel Chavez, who is a member of the Knight Center affiliated faculty, and a colleague from Florida International University presented their paper, “Drought Crisis in the U.S. Southwest: Regulatory Frameworks, Uses, Impacts and Vulnerabilities of Disadvantaged Populations.”

Media and Information Studies doctoral student Kanni Huang presented another study that she did with Poulson, “Bridging Local and Global — Exploring the Use of Social Media in Climate Change Reporting among Local News Outlets.”

Another panel included Poulson and Freedman’s presentation about Great Lakes Echo, the Knight Center’s award-winning regional environmental news service.

In addition, two MSU Department of Communication doctoral students Shannon Cruz, who is a member of the Knight Center’s research collaborative, and Brian Manata, presented a study called “Environmental Concern: A Comprehensive Assessment of Extant Measures.”

It was an assessment of the validity of five different scales of environmental concern.

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Quello Center Director Elected ICA Fellow

Posted on: June 3, 2015

William Dutton with ICA award

William Dutton, Quello Professor of Media and Information Policy in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and Director of the Quello Center, recently was inducted into the prestigious group of International Communication Association (ICA) Fellows in recognition of his distinguished scholarly contributions to the field of communication.

“William Dutton is the outstandingly successful founding Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, as well as an Oxford Don and currently channeling scholarly input into Washington in the area of telecommunications policy,” the ICA said in a statement. “He has been exceptionally productive and influential in a variety of areas concerning communication and information technologies and communication policy for nearly four decades.

“His contributions range from research on implications of computing and the Internet for society, his international collaborations, and his highly influential development of and commitment to institution-building, through journals (especially helping to found and edit Information, Communication and Society), the Oxford Internet Institute, and now the Quello Center.”

Dutton was the first Professor of Internet Studies at the University of Oxford, a position he held from 2002 to 2014, where he was Founding Director of the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and a Professorial Fellow of Balliol College. He also is a Professor Emeritus at the Annenberg School at USC, where he was elected President of the University’s Faculty Senate.

“This is a well-deserved recognition for pioneering research on the Internet and a wealth of contributions to the field,” said Prabu David, Dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. “This is a great honor. Less than 2 percent of current ICA members are fellows.”

Dutton has received numerous grants for his research and is widely published. His research interests include a wide range of issues concerning the Internet and society, policy and regulation, such as initiatives around digital divides, the role of networked, distributed collaboration and digital social research, and politics and the Internet, including his influential conception of the Internet’s Fifth Estate.

“His long and distinguished career in the areas of ICTs (information and communication technology) and policy is also distinguished by his early promotion of the socio-technical systems approach, public policy issues involving ICTs, the critical understanding of ‘wired cities,’ and the ‘ecology of games’ theory. Notably, he early on highlighted a more international perspective on ICT research and policy,” the ICA said in its statement.

Dutton currently is the principal investigator of an MSU research team working on a Net Neutrality Impact Study. The goal of this research is to provide a non-partisan, unbiased assessment of the short-, medium- and long-term implications of the FCC’s new order approving rules that support net neutrality. He also is leading a Quello Center team focused on the use of the Internet for the social and economic revitalization of Detroit, and is a co-principal on an Oxford cybersecurity project.

Dutton was recognized as an ICA Fellow at the International Communication Association annual conference May 21-25 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He expressed his appreciation of this recognition, saying: “I thank ICA for this honor as well as the many colleagues in our burgeoning global field of communication arts and sciences who have supported my work on the policies and practices shaping the Internet and its societal implications. I believe James H. Quello would be proud of his center.”

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Register Now for MSU Media Summer Camps

Posted on: May 20, 2015

Media Summer Camp participants

Registration is underway for the 2015 MSU Media Summer Camps offered by the Department of Media and Information July 6-24. These summer camps welcome middle school and high school students to participate in media and technology topics ranging from game design to TV production.

Each camp offers five days of interactivity and instruction from MSU faculty and staff, leading up to the final day where students showcase their work from the week.

The goal of the camps is to teach students how to collaborate and learn more about the media fields. Students learn about design, technology, photography, video production, how to write and more.

“We teach them about the skills that are required for those roles, and the type of schooling options that are available to acquire those skills,” said William Jeffery, Curriculum Director and Lead Instructor.

media-summer-camp-2Students receive hands-on experience working alongside faculty and staff to learn more about their desired fields and building their own projects.

“Many of our students benefit greatly from getting their first taste of the ‘college experience’ at our Media Summer Camps,” Jeffery said. “They start to learn what it would be like living on a college campus and experience a bit of the autonomy and independence they are not as familiar with in high school.”

The camps typically have about 250 participants each year. Students have the choice of attending day-only or overnight stay for the five days.

The following are the 2015 camps and dates offered:

Week 1: July 6 – 10 (Overnight Stay or Day Camp for Middle School Students)

  • Digital Cinema Camp
  • Game Design Camp with Minecraft
  • Intro to Programming using Minecraft
  • Video Game Design Camp

Week 2: July 13 – 17 (Overnight Stay or Day Camp for High School Students)

  • 3D Animation Camp
  • Beginning Video Game Design Camp
  • Miss Media Michigan Girls Tech Camp (females only)
  • Mobile Game Design Camp

Week 3: July 20 - 24 (Overnight Stay or Day Camp for High School Students)

  • 3D Animation Camp
  • Advanced Game Design Camp
  • Beginner Video Game Design Camp
  • Digital Cinema Camp

MSU Media Summer Camps have limited enrollment. To register, go to the MSU Media Summer Camps Registration page. For more information, visit the MSU Media Summer Camps web page.

students working on online game during summer camp

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