SXSW Gives Nod to CAS

Posted on: April 27, 2012

images.jpgThe South by Southwest Conference & Festival is one of the largest and most thought-provoking events in the United States that addresses the convergence of music, independent film and emerging technology.  For over 25 years, thousands of music lovers, techno-geeks, and communication specialists have convened in Austin, Texas, for the four-day conference. 

What originally started off as a festival to celebrate music has recently been labeled the breeding ground for new ideas and creative technology. This cutting edge conference brings the best and brightest speakers from around the globe to engage 20,000 attendees each year.  So it made sense that our Media Sandbox guru, Karl Gude, would lead one of the sessions: "The Power of Visual Storytelling."

Storytelling has been the cornerstone of communications since the beginning of time.  We all tell stories, but it's how we tell them -- People mulling about.the delivery method we use -- that can ignite an emotion and make storytelling an art.

Karl Gude, Visual & Graphic Communications instructor, is a visual storyteller.  He teaches visual storytelling, social media marketing and the creative process at the College of Communication Arts & Sciences.  His energy is electric and his approach captivates students.

It's a complex, competitive world out there, and Karl defines success through his philosophy that "the best story wins." He noted that, "regardless of what field a person works in, there is a need to communicate a message to someone, and there is a powerful movement in the world today to go beyond words alone and show things. Visualization engages people, speeds communication and A group of people huddle.helps understanding and retention." 

The college's Media Sandbox embraces the world of visual communication.  The Integrated Media Arts Curriculum engages students through the study of film, television, graphic design, web design, game design, visual storytelling, journalism, advertising, 3D and animation, documentary and more.  Using photos, video, words, graphics and audio to tell a story to ignite an emotion in unlimited ways, students develop the skills and techniques to advance in their field.

A lot of great ideas were generated from the conference in Austin, and I'm sure Karl will be sharing more on his blog at

How are you using visual communications to get your message across?  Drop me a line at

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