Sunshine and Destruction (Spring 2012)

suneshinedestructionDate: Spring 2012

Authors: Derek DeMaiolo, Sandrine Do, Raleigh Cooper, Aaron Mundale, Kristy Cunningham, Brandon Kiehle

This game is a fast paced, sidescroller that is intended to make players laugh at the ridiculousness of a light/dark feud. As Fenrir, the wolf demigod of destruction, it is the player’s job to bring dastardly chaos and darkness to the unnervingly happy world in which he has awoken to find thriving in his absence. Fenrir’s descent on the world spreads the darkness by having him jump, dash, destroy, and kill anything that hops, floats, or crawls on by with a big grin on its face. With an art and design intensive team, Team SAD seeks to create emulate the successes of previous entries in this genre (Robot Unicorn Attack, Jetpack Joyride, etc.) by adding more innovative touch based gameplay, whimsical worlds that are in the crosshairs of a battle between Fenrir’s darkness and the happiness of the world’s inhabitants, and a sense of dark humor that only Team SAD can deliver.

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