Students Win Society for Music Perception & Cognition Grand Prize

It was a proud occasion for Communicative Sciences and Disorders Assistant Professors Laura Dilley and Soo-Eun Chang when papers co-authored with their students won Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC) Student Awards and Student Grand Prizes. These two papers were selected among over 60 with a student as a first author. Each Grand Prize winner received a $500 travel award.

CSD Ph.D. student Elizabeth Wieland (far left in group picture with other award recipients) presented the paper, "A Comparison of Rhythm Discrimination Ability in Stuttering and Non-Stuttering Children," last week during the biennial meeting of the Society, held at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Grand Prize winners were announced on Saturday, August 10. Paper co-authors also include CSD Associate Professors Dilley and Chang, as well as Associate Professor Devin McAuley, Director of the Timing, Attention and Perception (TAP) Laboratory in MSU's Department of Psychology.

Dr. Tuuli Morrill is a postdoctoral scholar in our CSD department and worked with Dilley and McAuley on the paper, "The Role of Distal Prosody in Learning Words in an Artificial Language," that won a SMPC Student Award and SMPC Student Grand Prize as well. That paper was co-authored with MSU undergraduate psychology student Tricia Zdziarska and Lisa Sanders, a faculty member at the University Massachusetts Amherst. The research was funded by the Provost Undergraduate Research Initiative.

Congratulations to our CSD students and faculty!

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