Students receive internship help from alumni

Posted on: June 28, 2011

Recently, alumni have set up scholarships for students in need. These scholarships give students the opportunity to work unpaid internships of their choice. Without the help of the alumni, many of these students might not be able to get these great experiences. 

Gabi Moore, a journalism major, is interning for the communication department at the Indianapolis Zoo in Indianapolis. Moore says of her scholarship, “As my internship is unpaid, it would have been very difficult to make it through the summer without some kind of financial support. I've learned quickly that big city traffic is hard on a gas tank particularly, so this financial support has been helpful for that as well as other living expenses and paying for internship credit.” 

Moore said this internship is vital for her growth, “This internship has already been an incredible opportunity!” says Moore. “I am a journalism major but have always been interested in animals… and I’m hoping to find a career similar to my internship where I can combine my journalism talents with my love of animals.” 

Hanna Burmeister, a communication major specializing in public relations, is interning at Compassion International in Colorado. Burmeister says, “This is my dream internship. The fact that I can work in my field and learn from professionals all while changing the lives of millions of kids who live in poverty is amazing. The scholarship I received from MSU has allowed me to come out to Colorado with no financial worries, and help me focus solely on my job. I am proud to be the first Michigan State student to intern at Compassion, and the scholarship I received has made this all possible! It's great to know that there are Spartans out there helping me succeed!”

Burmeister said this experience outside of her home state is allowing her to grow and develop.

“My supervisors, fellow interns, and work community are pushing me each day to learn. Working at Compassion International has given me a place to apply my both my passions and my education, while gaining experience working in a large, corporate office. The time I get to spend interning here is so valuable to me, and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity!” says Burmeister.

Additional students interning around the country this summer with support from alumni:
•    Robert Couch, interning at The Oprah Magazine in New York City
•    Zu Hao, interning at the House of Toi (Zang Toi) in New York City
•    Lillian Noga, interning at the Humane Society of the United States in Maryland

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