Student Videographer Travels the World

Posted on: December 17, 2013

Senior University PhotographerIt doesn't take long when talking to Colin Marshall to be impressed by the array of incredible experiences he has had during his college career. Internships and employment opportunities have taken him around the world to places like China, Bangladesh, Europe and Japan. He's contributed to award-winning videos and documentaries; served as video director of MSU's student-run radio station; and was the behind-the-scenes videographer for heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne.

Marshall did all this as an Honors College student majoring in Media Arts and Technology in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences. He is the recipient of the Kevin R. Markwardt Award and Communication Arts & Sciences scholarship from the Media and Informationdepartment and the MSU Telecasters Fund scholarship.

"It has been quite a career at MSU. There are so many different pockets of opportunities here that have helped me out as a filmmaker," said Marshall, who graduated Saturday and was one of only five students to receive an Outstanding Senior Award, presented to seniors by the Senior Class Council who exemplify both personal and academic achievement while demonstrating their dedication to MSU through academics, leadership and involvement on campus and in the community.

The experience that Marshall said "got him on the map" in terms of people knowing who he was and what he could do with a video camera, was touring with Ozzy Osbourne as the behind-the-scenes videographer. For eight months during his sophomore year, Marshall traveled with Osbourne on a 45-concert tour through Europe, Asia, and North and South America and made a video for each of the performances.

"I was the sole video producer. That got me on the map. The college was all over it, and I kept a blog of my experience," Marshall said.

ColinMarshall2That experience helped lead to other opportunities. Marshall went on to intern with MSU's Communications and Brand Strategy office. He was one of the videographers on the award-winning "President's Report 2013: Spartans Will 360 Project," which took him to China and Bangladesh to document the research being done by MSU faculty members.

"I can't believe I got to do something like that as young as I am," Marshall said. "Being a part of that was a complete honor."

Marshall later had another opportunity to travel to China. This time as the audio engineer for the documentary, "The Dialogue," which he worked on with Dawn Pysarchik, Advertising + Public Relations Professor, and Troy Hale, Academic Specialist in the School of Journalism and Telecommunication, Information Studies department.

The 70-minute film, which will be released to general audiences in 2014, follows four American and four Chinese university students as they travel together through Hong Kong and Southwest China.

Another project Marshall worked on with Hale included traveling to the Johnson Space Center near Houston, Texas, to shoot a video about moon rocks retrieved by NASA astronauts.

In 2012, Marshall joined five other MSU students from Bob Albers' documentary class who decided to "Thrive with Less" for a month by giving up any "extras" in their lives such as social media, going out to eat, driving a car within a two-mile radius of their homes, wearing only four shirts and one pair of pants for the entire month, and doing anything they could to live simply. The project was turned into a feature-length documentary.

ColinMarshallA recent project Marshall was involved in was the documentary, "American Textures," that follows six young Americans, who are of different ethnicities and from all over the United States, on a road trip from Ashville, N.C., to Atlanta, Ga., and back. They discuss issues of race, culture, class and society along the way. Marshall worked as a cinematographer on the film and when one of the six cast members dropped out Marshall stepped up and took that person's place. Screenings for "American Textures" are expected to take place in May.

Even though Marshall graduated, he has made the decision to stay one more semester to focus on "Spartan Sessions," an online video series showcasing local musicians performing in various locations around campus. Marshall created the series as video director of WDBM Impact 89FM, MSU's student-run radio station.

"I am so happy doing what I am doing right now and am having so much fun. My work is so fulfilling. I love the people I work with and the work itself. I wake up everyday and I am giddy about who I am going to see," Marshall said.

Serving as WDBM's video director for the past two and a half years, Marshall has steadily been building up the videos created by the station and established WDBM's YouTube channel. He hopes to produce five more "Spartan Session" videos next semester.

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