Student Travels to Peru

Posted on: November 5, 2013

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About Abbie:

I was born and raised in West Lafayette, Indiana to a family of six children. My family is extremely important to me and I am so fortunate to have two caring parents, as well as four goofy brothers, a brilliant older sister, and one obese dog. Growing up in a large family taught me the importance of working as team, communicating, and having a sense of humor. Throughout my childhood, I participated in many sports and developed a passion for competition and athletics. In high school, I was involved in soccer, basketball, and track & field. Athletics played a significant role in shaping me into the active, adventurous individual I am today.

Currently, I am studying journalism and political science in my second year at Michigan State University. I chose journalism because I have a passion for communicating with people and conversing about differing beliefs, cultures, and ideas. I aspire to become a broadcast journalist who presents impactful stories while instigating dialogue and discussion. At Michigan State, I can be found hosting a radio show, working for the student government, playing intramural soccer, training for marathons, or rooting on the mighty Spartans!

I am humbled to be selected as a member of Team Peru, and am ecstatic for the opportunity. Through this experience, I hope to demonstrate the power of inspiration and the importance of seizing the day. I am a firm believer that the only limits in one's life are set by the individual, and the only way to exceed those limits is through mental toughness, enthusiasm, and resiliency. As we embark on this expedition and push beyond our limits, I look forward to encouraging others to reach to achieve a greatness they once thought was impossible. Thank you for this extraordinary adventure.

A video explaining what youth ambassadors (including Abbie) with impossible2Possible are routinely doing upon arriving to their destinations.

Here's Abbie talking about the difference between the lifestyle here vs. the one she has encountered in a village in Peru.

Message from Abbie as she Prepares to Tackle Peru!

Abbie Newton in PeruThe flights went smoothly and I met so many people on the plane to Peru. I met a man and his sister from Barcelona who were traveling to Peru for vacation. They were great, but only spoke Spanish. I was happy with how much I remembered! We spoke about all kinds of stuff, including favorite beers, or cerveza. He kept rubbing his belly and shaking it while shouting cerveza! He was hilarious. He also warned me about picketers in Lima, which was a nice piece of advice. He invited our whole family to Barcelona to eat for free at his restaurant!

I met a mom from Peru who now lives in Italy with her 2 young boys...her husband is in the Navy. She was going to Peru to take her kids to see family for the first time. Her kids were adorable and we talked a lot. She invited me to attend a family wedding on the 16th and share her bottle of tequila. I kindly declined, but accepted her dining recommendations!!

Then I sat next to a boy from Virginia who was 20 and is traveling the world for a year. He was awesome and we had a lot in common!

I landed in Lima at about 12 a.m. their time, went through customs, found my luggage, battled off taxi drivers and then found 3 of my teammates...all the girls! We chatted like crazy until our Australian teammate showed up, along with an ultra marathoner from Italy, Stephano, and one of the education guides, George. We stayed at the airport until 5 a.m. talking away! I even met a guy from Michigan State who graduated in 2006 and now works in St. Louis for Boeing! You find Spartans everywhere!!!

We boarded the flight to Cusco at 5 a.m. and arrived at 6 a.m. I slept the whole flight. It was great seeing the mountains as the sun rose!

Peru Courtyard HostelWe met our Peruvian guide and headed to the hostel. The hostel is fantastic. Absolutely adorable. It has a big courtyard in the middle with large rooms and bathrooms. I am sharing it with a teacher from Canada who is great!

We immediately went to sleep and I woke up at about 10 a.m. Then the rest of the team came. We have 2 videographers who worked in Indianapolis for the last 6 years! Then there is Bob, the trainer Derrick and our doctor. A few more should come in today.

We met each other then went out exploring! Cusco is such a cool, historic city. There are large Cathedrals, small homes and beautiful town squares. I'll send pictures! We ate a delicious meal, where I had alpaca marinated in a pimiento sauce. Bravo!!! Then we walked around a bit and are now back at the hostel relaxing before dinner!Cathedral in Cusco Peru

I feel great but I am feeling the altitude, we are at about 10,000 ft. and you exhaust quickly so we are trying to condition ourselves. Everyone here is fantastic and I certainly fit in with the goofy personalities!!

Not sure what the agenda is tomorrow but I hope to let you know.


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