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ComArtSci Senior Lands Internship at Lansing-Based Public Relations Firm

Ally Feature

Throughout the school year, one topic seems to be on everyone’s mind: internships. Professors, alumni and other students frequently mention how important it is to have a few internships under your belt before graduating. ComArtSci senior Ally Hamzey has found

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Closing Time

Julia Feature Photo

This blog was originally published on the MSU Mass Media 2017 Blog.
Well, it’s really over. The best five weeks of my life have officially come to a close, and it’s hard for me not to tear up (or sob

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Half Way There

Half Way Feature

I felt in touch with the Italian importance of family as I stood outside of my apartment complex chatting with my sister for upwards of an hour – attempting to extend our short time together. She had been visiting for

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Cucinando in Rome con Sparty

Kitchen Sparty Feature

Future MSU students studying abroad, Sparty is here to help you along on your Italian journey! Here are 10 tips that can help improve your experience: 
1. Homesickness will hit everyone at some point or another. Do not worry.

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Peace, Love and Not War By: Sparty

Dev Feature Photo

This post was originally published on the MSU Mass Media 2017 blog.

My last day in Belfast was cool and informative. I’ve even picked up a bit of an accent. In the beginning, my friends, Troy and Myself were

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