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Posted on: November 11, 2011

When WKAR joined our college this summer, we knew the possibilities were great. Faculty in the college and staff of the TV and radio stations have been hard at work to develop a slate of innovative courses that will provide MSU students with experiential classes that will simultaneously benefit WKAR. The College of Communication Arts & Sciences has developed 10 new opportunities for students specific to MSU Broadcasting Services.

The opportunities for MSU students range from traditional courses to hands-on experiences in multiple areas of public broadcasting. Two of the new courses will be available this summer with the remaining being launched in Fall 2012. The 10 new classes include:

•    CAS 492 Study Abroad: Digital Media Producer, a new hands-on experience to allow students to receive credit on approved study abroad programs to create content and submit it for exhibition on WKAR TV or Radio (beginning summer 2012);

•    TC 493 Executive Media Management Internship, hands-on media management internships at WKAR for students to learn about senior management issues and station operations (beginning spring 2013);

•    COM 493 Sales Communication Internship, internships in public broadcasting underwriting research and strategy that complement MSU’s sales communication specialization and national awards in team selling (beginning spring 2012);

•    JRN 493 The Good and the Great: Voices from MSU, a field experience course in which students record and prepare MSU lectures for broadcast via WKAR TV or Radio, along with in-depth interviews with presenters (beginning spring 2012);

•    TC 491 Special Topics: Designing Mobile Applications for Television and Radio, a course in designing mobile applications for television and radio (beginning summer 2012);

•    TC 442 Short Form Video Features/Interstitials for WKAR, a creative course for students to learn how to develop interstitials for TV (beginning summer 2012);

•    JRN 306 Introduction to Radio and TV News, a radio and TV electronic student news bureau (beginning spring 2013);

•    ADV 402 Public Relations Topics, a public relations course specific to public broadcasting (beginning spring 2013);

•    JRN 491 Sports Radio News, a sports radio news course (beginning summer 2012); and

•    ADV 892 Public Broadcasting as a Brand Strategy, a graduate level course in public broadcasting branding (beginning fall 2012).

Our college offers student experiences to prepare tomorrow’s global communicators beyond the classroom. Embedding MSU Broadcasting Services within the College of Communication Arts & Sciences offers new opportunities for our students and ways to bolster public media and reach additional audiences. We are committed to high-quality public broadcasting for mid Michigan with an innovative future.

This is a new day for MSU Broadcasting Services. We are thrilled about the new opportunities for students and the ability to reach new viewers and offer new viewpoints.

Are you a student interested in these opportunities? I'd love to hear from you. Email me at

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