Student Focused on Future Career in Fashion

Posted on: February 25, 2014


Too many coals in the fire can be hazardous, but with just the right amount, it can keep the flames stable, which is what Carly Hill has learned and demonstrated in her last four years at MSU.

An advertising senior from Traverse City, Hill has dedicated herself to her future career in the fashion world. Not only has she interned two summers at a wedding planning company, "A Day in May Event Planning and Design," in her hometown, she also moved to New York City for a summer internship in Oscar de la Renta's public relations department.

Hill is now interning for a fashion and lifestyle website known as Glitter Guide, in which she works via email with the rest of the Glitter Guide team spread across the United States. The overall result from her internships is a further confirmation of her "love for fashion and event planning."

"I am very dedicated and focused on my future career in the fashion world," she said, "(and) I feel very blessed to have all these amazing experiences to learn from."

Fashion-WP2Her most recent experience had her working during the Mercedes-Benz's Fashion Week, a show hosted in New York City twice a year - one week in September and one week in February - to present the upcoming fashion. Hill assisted with Oscar de la Renta's show in addition to reporting for the Glitter Guide.

"It was so rewarding to get a more behind-the-scenes look and see how much work goes into a seven-minute fashion show," Hill said.

With already three internships under her belt, Hill continues to enhance her skills through volunteer and leadership opportunities as a member of the sorority Sigma Kappa as well as working her way up to co-editor-in-chief for VIM Magazine, MSU's student-run fashion magazine.

Between school, VIM, Sigma Kappa, internships, work, and not to mention a social life, Hill has learned the art of time management.

"Just learning to balance everything has been a challenge throughout college," she said, "...but I find that when I'm busy I am more focused."

For now, Hill is focused on finishing her last semester at MSU. This summer, she will move back home to work full time for her previous internship, "A Day in May Events," as the public relations and event coordinator. From there, she plans to move to New York in hopes of working for a fashion designer or public relations firm.

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