Speaking of Water: Celebrating World Water Day

Posted on: March 17, 2017

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Join us in celebrating World Water Day at ComArtSci and WKAR with leading experts Joan Rose, Xiaobo Tan and Bruno Basso. Through a short speed talk and Q&A with the audience, each will share their research on water, from its effect on your health to how drones and robofish are helping make positive changes.

Following the talks, a distinguished lecture will be held by Menachem Elimelech, Roberto Goizueta Professor of Environmental and Chemical Engineering from Yale University. 

The afternoon session is moderated by Prabu David, dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

When: Wednesday, March 22 from 3-5 p.m.

Where: WKAR Studio A, Communication Arts and Sciences Building
Enter at the south lobby of ComArtSci Building, 404 Wilson Rd.

Parking is available in adjacent Trowbridge Ramp #5 1149 Red Cedar Road 48824

World Water Day is about taking action to tackle the global water crisis. Today, there are over 663 million people living without a safe water supply close to home, spending countless hours queuing or trekking to distant sources, and coping with the health impacts of using contaminated water.

At MSU, experts in water are tackling the biggest issues of our century: water and health, water and food, water and energy; addressing infrastructure, new technologies and data for better decision making to manage our water resources.

Can’t make the event in-person? We’ll be streaming live below and at WKAR.org.

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Meet the Speakers

Joan Rose, College of Natural Resources, Fisheries & Wildlife

Joan Rose, Ph.D.
Toilet Talk
What happens to the flow when you go? Learn about the importance of water and its quality to our Earth. Rose will also discuss the lack of sanitation and the global stresses on the bio-health of our planet, as well as solutions to combat these issues.

Joan Rose is the 2016 recipient of the Stockholm Water Prize, the world's most prestigious water award. She is also the Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research, Dept. of  Fisheries and Wildlife.

MSU College of Engineering. August, 20156

Xiaobo Tan, Ph.D.
Robofish: Make “Sense” of Water
MSU researchers are exploring the use of sensor-rich robofish for observing natural waters: feel the temperature, map harmful algae and even stalk invasive species. See the technology in-person, learn the challenges and hear Tan’s perspective on how robotics will shape our understanding of water in the future.

Xiaobo Tan is MSU Foundation Professor, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering

thumbnail 3.26.37 PMBruno Basso, Ph.D.
How are the plants doing? Ask the drone
Learn how researchers are using drones to measure plant health, nutrition, and water use by plants. The detection of water or nitrogen stress by drones can help improve food production and enhance the efficiency of water in agriculture.

Bruno Basso is University Foundation Professor, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences.  His research focuses on integrating remote sensing technologies with crop simulation systems to enhance water and nutrient efficiency, and the sustainability of agricultural systems.

Presented by Water Moves MSU

Water Moves MSU is a campus-wide initiative to empower community action, inspire creativity, and instill a sense of urgency to respect and appreciate the most prevalent and precious resource on our planet.

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