SOW - Undercover UXO: A Mine-Risk Education (Fall 2007 - Fall 2010)

uxoDate: Fall 2007 - Fall 2010

Funding: Total Project Budget: $77,788

Author: Corey Bohil

We propose to create an innovative new approach to mine-risk education that capitalizes on the increasing availability of mobile digital devices such as laptops and smart phones. Specifically, we intend to create a video game to be played on platforms appropriate for developing countries such as the $100 Laptop, a portable computer designed for use by children in third-world countries.

Objective 1 Ð Technical optimization: We need to make the current version of the game sufficient for field testing. This would include testing the current prototype thoroughly to find bugs, and to optimize code to ensure sufficient performance. We will also need to get voice translations for audio for the first test site (Khmer for Cambodia).

Objective 2 Ð Field testing: Our partner on this project Ð the Golden West Humanitarian Foundation Ð has agreed to send the game into the field for testing at one of their Cambodia sites (see accompanying letter of support from GWHF). This testing will result in feedback along various performance dimensions specified by the MSU team. Dimensions of interest include usability, accessibility, fun, and likely effectiveness for learning.

Objective 3 Ð Game revision: We plan to revise the game in response to the feedback gained from testing. This will increase the effectiveness of the game.

Objective 4 Ð Customization toolset & documentation:
An essential and innovative part of the video game solution is the inclusion of a toolset that allows easy modification of game backgrounds and other images. This is essential for customizing the game for other geographic regions around the world. A working version of this toolset has already been created (see Figure 4), along with the game prototype, but will require optimization and full documentation for future, non-technical users. In addition we will create a documentation set for the game itself. The documentation will instruct users on how to install the game on the OLPC XO laptops, and how to launch and play the game.

For More information on this game check out Cory Bohil's Website.

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