Sending Spartan Spirit Your Way!

Posted on: December 17, 2013

Dean'sBlog1Many of our students have headed home by now and faculty and staff are busy wrapping things up on campus for 2013. But before calling it another year at CAS, we want to send all our alumni and friends an abundance of Spartan spirit and good wishes to make your holidays bright!

With the Rose Bowl coming up, my guess is that Spartans around the globe are feeling pretty spirited this season, whether you're planning to be in Pasadena, or watch the big game in the warm comforts of your home.

There is another kind of Spartan spirit that I want to highlight this holiday season as well. It's the spirit that motivates our faculty, students and alumni to go forth and change the world. Spartans look at every problem as a challenge that can be resolved through hard work, ingenuity, research, creativity and determination.

Spartans are globally curious and connected. You simply cannot spend time on MSU's campus or in CAS classrooms and not feel a part of today's interconnected world. Whether our students come from small rural towns, the suburbs, big cities, or another continent, by the time they graduate from MSU, they are global thinkers, communicators and travelers. That, too, is Spartan spirit!

One of the many things I've enjoyed about working for an international institution like Michigan State is our unbridled commitment to enriching lives around the world. The College of Communication Arts & Sciences takes that commitment to heart both in the educational opportunities we provide our students and the motivation that drives all of our research initiatives.

In each department in CAS, there are dozens of ways people are tackling world problems through the lenses of global communicators. A sampling of the depth and breadth of efforts underway at CAS include studying how communication technology can:

  • Better provide educational and economic opportunities to highly remote areas in developing countries,
  • Help farmers affected by climate change adjust to changing weather and soil conditions when planting crops,
  • Assist health care providers in monitoring and engaging patients in fighting cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases,
  • Accurately and cost effectively diagnose patients with hearing and speech disorders, as well as degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's,
  • Document and create greater awareness and understanding of world health and environmental issues, and
  • Be used for crowd sourcing to support nonprofits, business start-ups and solve complex science and technology problems.

The common thread that runs through each of these examples and among Spartans at-large is the aspiration to make the world a better place for all - that's Spartan spirit in its truest form.

So as you wrap up Spartan swag as part of your gift-giving tradition or pull on your favorite gear for the Rose Bowl, I hope you take a moment to appreciate what it really means to be a part of the Spartan tradition.

P.S. Hope you enjoy the CAS annual holiday greeting!

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