Saudi Aramco Program Overview

Saudi Aramco ProgramSaudi Aramco recognizes the importance of having a strong voice and presence in the world, including in the digital environment. In order to accomplish this, Aramco has partnered with Michigan State Universitys College of Communication Arts & Sciences, a leader in the communication field, to provide a truly innovative and relevant certificate program for its employees.

This certificate program offers six modules and two face-to-face contacts with faculty members to provide participants a better understanding of the current digital communication landscape.

Program Goals

Effective communication is a pillar of a successful business. This certificate program in Advanced PR & Communication focuses on analytical and strategic thinking, as well as practical applications of advanced communication skills. Emphasis is placed on those skills needed to develop and implement effective communication campaigns in the new media marketplace. This certificate program will also enhance participants knowledge in applying and utilizing current media technologies. Upon completion, participants will have the foundation to adapt future communication technologies in their professional roles.

Program Objectives

  • Participants will learn strategies to maximize their communication interactions within an organizational setting.
  • Participants will apply important lessons regarding communication research methods.
  • Participants will learn how to effectively communicate orally and in writing through digital media.
  • Participants will analyze and design optimal media strategies.
  • Participants will gain insights into new trends in media and how best to leverage these for Saudi Aramco in creating appropriate and successful messages.
  • Participants will learn how to design, develop and implement branding employing multiple forms of media.
  • Participants will understand how to effectively design and implement communication campaigns using various forms of media.
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