Sandbox Stars

Posted on: May 11, 2012

Media Sandbox winnersLast Saturday, we celebrated with outstanding alumni, friends and our Media Sandbox finalists to recognize each of them for their phenomenal work for the college.

The Media Sandbox is MSU’s destination for talented and creative students who want to study the latest tools, work with the best faculty and prepare for the media world of the future. Here students study film, television, graphic design, web design, game design, visual storytelling, journalism, advertising, 3D and animation, documentary and concepts too new to have a label.

In winter of 2011, alum Craig Murray and Clark Bunting stepped forward with financial support and challenged the college to hold the first annual Media Sandbox Challenge. Teams comprised of creative CAS students competed this semester to create a campaign showcasing the Media Sandbox to incoming freshmen. After presenting to a prestigious panel of judges on April 21, the winners were announced live on Saturday.

Media Sandbox team comprised of Robert Smith, Victoria Zou and Ahreum Jung, known as “One Branch Too Far,” won first place and a cash prize of $5,000 for their presentation deemed the best campaign by the judges.

Media Sandbox winners“One Branch Too Far” was coached by Clark Bunting, former president and general manager of Discovery Communications’ Emerging Networks, and their faculty advisors were Cheryl Pell and Darcy Greene.

Everyone was a winner Saturday night, though. The runners up, winning second place and a cash prize of $2,500, were “TSN,” comprised of Cam Den Uyl, Colleen Curran, Josh Radtke, Matt Hallowell and Meagan Choi. “TSN” was coached by Brian Hamrick, editor, producer and copywriter at mOcean, and their faculty advisor was Henry Brimmer.

Jackson Deaver, Noah Gebstadt and Ryan Sundberg, called “The Artist Formally Known As Advertising,” won third place and a cash prize of $1,500. They were coached by Chelsey Susin, senior strategist at Adweek’s Digital Agency of the Year, AKQA, and their faculty advisor was Bob Albers.

The two teams that tied for fourth place and a prize of $1,000 per team were “Professional Kids” and “Fifty Five.” “Professional Kids,” composed of Brianna Suffety, Chelsea Figlan, Dennis Corsi, Kathleen Wolfe, Kris Wesslen, was coached by Glenn Marrichi, president/CEO of The Marketing Identity, and their faculty advisor was Karl Gude. Daniel Tamsen, Heather Wenzel, Kathryn Watts, Reid Masimore and Victoria Bujny, known as “Fifty Five,” was coached by Craig Murray, CEO of mOcean and their faculty advisor was Bob Albers. “Fifty Five” also won first place in the Facebook People’s Choice Award.

Media Sandbox winnersCongratulations to all of our award winners and thank you to all of our generous sponsors, our faculty advisors, coaches and judges for making Saturday such a wonderful evening and for kicking off a successful inaugural year of our Media Sandbox. We look forward to growing the program this fall!


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