Rail Defender (Fall 2011)

raildefenderDate: Fall 2011

Authors: Chad Fleming, Kiyokazu Nakagawa, Joshua Horvath, Derek DeMaiolo, Brandon Kienle

In a post war scenario, the country of Galaden seeks a way to be reunited to all of its neighboring cities (Galaden City, Timber Town, Mountopolis, Vista Isle, and Deadbark). After consulting Sid Fraine, a former army railroad engineer, the government has decided to commission the veteran to build a railway system to each city. In exchange for his services, the government has agreed to allow Fraine to keep all profits of his monopoly but also to incur all risks. As a new recruit, you must help Fraine build his railway system and unite the country of Galaden by constructing carefully thought out rail systems.

With options to purchase armor and weapon upgrades at the Galaden City Arms Market, players have the ability to customize how easy or difficult a single route can be. Taking additional carts will offer larger cash bonuses but also increase susceptibility to damage. After each mission attempt, the player will be evaluated based on his or her performance and given either higher or lower credibility (the railroad track meter). If a player's credibility increases, he or she will be able to take more carts on any given route and therefore given a chance to get more money. If the player fails a mission, his or her credibility will drop and will be allowed less opportunities for cash bonuses. Careful though! If your credibility drops too low, you'll end up destroying Fraine's railway business, end the game, and have to start all over!

Project URL: http://woz.commtechlab.msu.edu/courses/tc455fa11/project1/group5/

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