An internship within the field of Media and Information is one of the best ways to enhance job prospects after graduation. Internships prepare students for the real world by providing not only on the job practical experience, but also the opportunity to network and obtain valuable professional contacts. Most graduates’ feel that the experiential learning gained through internships was instrumental in helping them land that important first job.

The Telecommunication Internship program is diverse enough to allow students a great deal of freedom in setting up their own uniquely tailored internship experience. Over the years, students have interned in all facets of the industry, both domestically and abroad. Whether students are participating in an established on-going internship, or creating one specifically designed to meet individual needs, the Internship Office is a valuable resource for a well-rounded college career. The Telecommunication Internship Office is in Room 422 Comm Arts, 517.432.5669.


  1. You must be one of the following majors:
    • Media and Information legacy majors: Media Arts and Technology OR Media and Communication Technology
    • Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media: Media & Information (B.A. or B.S.)
  2. You must have an overall GPA of at least 2.5. You must be in good academic standing and cannot be on academic probation.
  3. You must have achieved a junior level standing by the end of the semester preceding the internship.
  4. You must have completed at least two TC courses.


Internships must be arranged and approved in advance. No retroactive credits will be granted.

When applying for succeeding semesters of an ongoing internship, a new application is necessary each semester. Succeeding semesters at the same facility will require an increased level of responsibility and new experiences.

Any deviation from these requirements requires a waiver request form to be completed. The waiver should be well thought out, typed, and submitted along with the application form. Filling out a waiver request does not automatically mean the waiver will be granted.

The Department has two types of internships: one for external internships with a business in the industry; and one for internal opportunities such as a UGTA, studio assistant or lab assistant. Each of these requires the completion of an Internship Application form. The forms are available in the middle of the semester prior to the internship. The forms are available outside room 409 in the Communication Arts & Sciences building. Once they are completed they are to be returned to the Internship Coordinator.

For help finding an internship contact:

CAS Career Services
Communication Arts & Sciences Building
404 Wilson Road, Room 181
East Lansing, MI 48824-1212.
Tel: 517.355.6500
Fax: 517.432.1244

For information on the application process contact:

Valeta Wensloff
Communication Arts & Sciences Building
404 Wilson Road, Room 422
Tel: 517.432.5669
Fax: 517.355.1292

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