International Internships

international-internshipsThe College of Communication Arts and Sciences participates in many English-speaking programs such as London, Dublin, Sydney, Cape Town, Geneva, Toronto and Singapore. If you are very proficient in German, French or Spanish, you have more options, but please note that successful completion of a language proficiency test is needed. In addition to location, students should examine costs, which will include tuition, program fee and flight to and from the location.

To start learning more about specific programs, you should do a program search on the Office of Study Abroad's website. Once on the page, you can click "internships" to search possible programs. Program fee information can be found on the program flyers on the Study Abroad website above.

ComArtSci students who are interested in doing a Spring 2018 International Internship should first meet with their academic advisor to discuss how the program would fit into their degree requirements. They should then schedule an appointment with Dan Meier in the College of Arts and Letters to begin the application process.

Students interested in doing a Summer 2018 international internship should first meet with their academic advisor to discuss how the program would fit into their degree requirements. They should then meet with Jennifer New in mid-January 2018 to discuss the process. Jennifer will be on maternity leave throughout Fall 2017 semester and is unavailable for questions. Should you have further questions, please contact the Office of Education Abroad.

General Sequence from Application to Approval to Departure

  1. Learn about International Internship opportunities from a presentation, word-of-mouth, Office of Study Abroad web search, etc.
  2. Discuss with your academic advisor how the internship credits fit into your course of study - please note that most international internship programs REQUIRE a student take 12 credits.
  3. Understand the timeline for approval. Students should make appointment with International Internship Coordinator at least two months before approval deadline. Summer international internship deadline is early February, Fall international internship deadline is early June, and Spring international internship deadline is October.
  4. Make an appointment with the International Internship Coordinator to review your resume and discuss your cover letter. You must bring an updated copy of your resume to this appointment.
  5. Approval to participate in an international internship comes from the Coordinator. However, you will need to Submit your name and PID to the Study Abroad website. Please note that submitting your name and PID to the Study Abroad website serves only to hold a temporary space in the program for you. It does not constitute program application or approval to participate.
  6. Students approved to participate will receive official approval notification from the Office of Study Abroad.
  7. After official approval students can arrange flight to the international location based on published program dates.
  8. Attend mandatory orientation led by the Office of Study Abroad.
  9. Coordinate with your academic advisor and Coordinator on enrolling for credits in designated course sections.

Coordinator Contact Information

For all questions or to setup an appointment, please contact the International Internships Coordinator:
Jennifer New
( 517) 355-8988

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