Graduate Studies


Journalism Master's Program Overview

Our master's students have different backgrounds and different reasons for pursuing a master's degree.

Some of our students may be grouped into one of the following areas:

  • Are returning professionals who want to update their skills.
  • Have a BA in another area and want a new career in journalism.
  • Come straight from a journalism undergrad degree and want to pursue a specialization.
  • Want to kick-start a career in academia and pursue a Ph.D.

Our program has a track for professional development and a track for academic and research training. We can accommodate students wanting to learn fundaments skills in journalism, the latest communication technologies, a specialization, applied or academic research methods or better understand the relationship between society and media.

Our students graduate with a great project to show to prospective employers, or an internship that might open doors to a new job or a thesis to gain experience in research and theory in a topic that inspires them.

Special concentration areas include health, environment and science; international and journalism education.

For more information, please see the academic catalog and the admissions process.

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