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Welcome to the Ph.D. Communicative Sciences and Disorders program at Michigan State University!

We appreciate your interest in our Ph.D. program. Students pursuing a Ph.D. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders enjoy:

Employment opportunities

A Ph.D. in speech, language, or hearing sciences and their affiliated fields can open the doors for fulfilling careers in academic, medical, industrial and educational settings.

Outstanding resources

The Ph.D. program in CSD offers students exciting opportunities to learn from and work with internationally renowned scientists in the fields of communicative sciences and disorders. Our doctoral program is designed to attract excellent student from diverse backgrounds and train them to become scientists and leaders in the fields of speech, language, and hearing sciences and their affiliated areas.

Cutting-edge and challenging program

This program is uniquely designed to equip students with experiences, knowledge, and skills they will need to succeed in their future scientific endeavors. With this goal in mind, students will not only complete coursework in their subject areas, but supporting areas such as research ethics, statistics, instrumentation, programming and signal processing. Being able to secure external funding for one’s work and publishing this work are critical components of success in today’s academia. The doctoral program in CSD is designed to train students in these skills through program components such as completing a grant writing course that will result in actual grant submission, completing and presenting/publishing the data from a research project, and exposure to multiple research lab through lab rotations designed to establish and cultivate professional collaborations. Lastly, recognizing that teaching is an integral part of academic life, the program also requires doctoral students to be involved in teaching in a variety of settings such as delivering guest lectures to having independent responsibility for a course.

Resources of a thriving Big Ten university

Students at MSU are able to avail of the resources of a world leader in research with nationally ranked academic units, impressive libraries, a beautiful large campus, a pioneering record in sustainability, exciting athletics, and an impressively diverse academic community. Becoming a Spartan is to gain entry into one of the largest and most productive group of alumni networks in the world.

Promise of funding

The CSD department strives to provide funding in the form of assistantships and tuition waivers to students enrolled in its doctoral program. The current funding rates are competitive with other top programs in the country and are based on the levels recommended by the NIH ($22,032 for the year 2012). The tuition waiver covers 9 courses during the regular semester and 6 during the summer.


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