Graduate Studies


Admission Requirements

Admission to the Ph.D. program is based on the recommendation of the departmental admissions committee comprised of CSD faculty. This committee evaluates each applicant's packet and assigns a rating, which is a judgment of the student's potential for success in the doctoral program. The following are the minimum requirements for consideration for admission into the doctoral program:

Master's degree: It is expected that most applicants to the Ph.D. program will have either completed or are enrolled in a Master's degree in Speech Pathology, audiology or a related field. However, in some circumstances, an extremely promising student with an undergraduate degree may be admitted to the Ph.D. program.

Grade point average (GPA): A minimum GPA of 3.0 from prior graduate work is required for consideration for admission into the doctoral program.

Letters of recommendation: Strong letters of recommendation highlighting the student's strengths, weakness, and suitability for the doctoral program.

GRE scores: Although not a binding criterion, GRE scores of at least 150, 150 and 3.7, respectively, on the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing sections of the GRE are considered minimum requirements for admission.

English language proficiency scores - See "Apply Now" page.

Further Admissions Details

Faculty adviser
During the admissions process, the student must identify a departmental faculty member as his/her faculty adviser. The role of the faculty adviser is to guide and oversee the student through his/her doctoral program on behalf of the CSD department. The selection of the faculty adviser is based on the faculty member's expertise in the general area of the student's research interests, and usually arises from early communications between the student and the departmental faculty members during the application and admission processes. It is expected that the student has identified a permanent faculty adviser no later than the end of his/her first semester at MSU in the doctoral program. The appointment of the faculty adviser must be approved by the chair of the department and can be changed if need arises later in the program.

Guidance Committee
Upon admission to the doctoral program, the student has the responsibility to form a guidance committee, which will be chaired by the student's faculty adviser. The selection of the committee is guided by the faculty adviser based on the student's research area(s) and must be approved by the chair of the department. The guidance committee must be formed within the first two semesters of doctoral study.

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