Professors rate top Super Bowl ads

Posted on: February 5, 2012

A Skechers commercial that featured a dog race in which a shoe-wearing dog took first place earned the top grade in the Michigan State University Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Retailing’s list of the best commercials of Super Bowl XLVI.

This marked the 15th year the MSU faculty have rated the Super Bowl commercials.

The ratings included 55 commercials that aired during the game. The ad featuring the dog race for Skechers took first place among the ads.

“Skechers won the race to the Super Bowl finish line,” said APRR instructor Robert Kolt. “M&M’s was great, and everyone loved Pepsi and Elton John. It might have been Flava Flav’s greatest moment.”

The Mars M&M ad with the memorable “I’m sexy and I know it” song took second-place.

Third through eighth place included Pepsi featuring Elton John, Doritos with the slingshot baby, Chrysler’s Fiat 500, Bud Light Dog “Here We Go”, Dannon Oikos and the Volkswagen ad.

This year’s top Super Bowl commercials:

    First place: Skechers featuring the dog race
    Second place: Mars M&M featuring Miss Brown
    Third place: Pepsi featuring Elton John and Flava Flav
    Fourth place: Doritos with the baby in a slingshot
    Fifth place: Chrysler’s Fiat 500 with the sexy Italian woman

The bottom five fumbles were mostly films, and included Act of Valor, GI Joe, Coca-Cola polar bears, Avengers and the NFL Play 60 ad.

Using a five-point grading scale with the clickers, the 23 voting faculty members rated each commercial based on creativity, production and overall quality.

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