Porsche Races to MSU

Posted on: June 14, 2013

Pam-in-Porsche-webIn October, Porsche Cars North America, Inc. rolled into CAS, parking a Porsche 911 at the curb and a new 2013 white Porsche Boxster convertible inside the WKAR studio. The elite automobiles paled in comparison to the fabulous lecture provided by four MSU alumni from Porsche Cars.

Provided as part of the Edward Zabrusky Lecture Series, these Spartans captivated an audience of students, faculty and community members with a thoughtful discussion of marketing and corporate communications for premium automobiles. Their presentation was entitled, "True integration in an increasingly fragmented world-the launch of the new Porsche Boxster."

The panel presentation included examples of PR and marketing materials tied to Porsche's strategic communication portfolio. It concluded with an array of questions from CAS students. The Spartan Porsche team included Steve Janisse, general manager of public relations; Aaron Ormond, manager of dealer and retention marketing; Josh Cherfoli, online relationship marketing manager; and Brynnen Crosson, area marketing manager for the central U.S.

The Edward Zabrusky Public Relations Lecture Series is funded through an endowment created to honor the late MSU News Bureau chief Ed Zabrusky, who retired from MSU after almost 40 years of public relations work for the university. This legacy enables us to continue inspiring students through contemporary communication lectures.

This type of event is evidence of the power of Spartans giving back.

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