(Fall 2010)

Date: Fall 2010

Authors: Derek DeMaiolo, Sandrine Do, Maggie Vandura, Shan Yang is an interactive online dating site that offers a social space for your favorite childhood toys where they can mingle. Inspired by media products such as Toy Story and, explores a variety of popular multimedia communication platforms like web design, Flash animation, and stop motion animation.

Assembled by a four person team, explores six toys’ personals (Barbie, Ken, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Rex, and Slinky Dog) and their experience with online dating. The site also features two testimonials from the toys showing an experience with and one on a competing site. The project also attempts to aim for realism as social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook were used for “marketing purposes” and the look and feel of the site was modeled directly after existing online dating sites. So come on in and explore because toys have feelings too!

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