Researchers in CAS address pressing international development questions in countries all over the world. Faculty members working in this area examine the ways in which cultural differences and similarities influence the ways people interact with each other and their environment. Our research in information and communication technology for development (ICT4D) examines the ways in which communication technologies can address development challenges related to economics, health, education, and the environment.

Faculty members have conducted research projects on issues such as the use of mobile technologies for economic development, the use of communication technologies for education in rural and developing areas, and modeling environmental changes and subsequent human adaptation strategies.

CAS, in collaboration with the College of Veterinary Medicine, will be hosting a NIH-sponsored series of symposia entitled: "One Health: The Role of New and Emerging Communication Technology in Human Decision-Making and Behavior." This project will bring together researchers from around the country to identify key research questions in emerging communication technology and global health around the theme of "One Health."

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