Our internationally renowned Health and Risk Communication Center (HRCC) researchers have ongoing partnerships with researchers on campus and across the world to address health and risk issues. They study an array of health issues, ranging from message strategies to eradicate polio in developing countries, to communication to educate the public about adolescent risk factors related to the environment and breast cancer to the impact of video games on exercise behaviors.

CAS researchers study the ways in which risk information is shared among social networks, how to craft information to facilitate risk-related decision making, and how people understand and respond to risk information. They also do traditional communication campaign design and evaluation, as well as behavior-change research.

Faculty affiliated with the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism are positioned to train international teams of journalists on environmental and science communication issues and research issues such as the ways in which media coverage of risks contribute to public perceptions. Our college's new initiative, theTrifecta (3 winning colleges), has been designed to build collaborative partnerships with faculty in MSU's Colleges of Engineering and Nursing to address large scale health and risk communication challenges of diverse populations through technological solutions.

Finally, Children's Central, housed in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, brings together researchers who study the effects of advertising and marketing on children and the policy-frameworks associated with this issue. Researchers in this group are completing a NIH-funded study on the effects of Advert-games on children's food preferences.

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