Scholarships Awarded in 2012

Robert W. Schlater Graduate Scholarship

Emily BrozovicRecipient: Emily Brozovic

Emily is a graduate student pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Digital Media Arts & Technology. With a B.F.A. in graphic design and photography, Emily entered the program to pursue additional avenues of creativity and design with new and emerging technologies. Throughout the program, her interests have included project management, social media and visual communication. Her project thesis, People Like Me, is focused on mobile application design and development for specialized communities.

Carrie ColeRecipient: Carrie Cole

Carrie is a first year graduate student studying serious games with an interest in designing meaningful entertainment. She plans to continue developing games in the future and research ways to encourage young females to be active in the game industry.

Michael A Chaprnka Endowed Scholarship Award

Josh MichelsRecipient: Joshua Michels

Josh Michels is drawn to pursuing and embracing the community in which he finds himself. He loves using art to bridge the differences between people and start dialogues about the emotions, thoughts, experiences, and energy that went into each brush stroke or photograph. In addition to pursuing documentary film, photography, and graphic design, he is an active member of the mid-michigan music scene with Doug Mains & The City Folk.

Thomas A. Muth, Sr.

Jaclyn NagelRecipient: Jaclyn Nagel

Jaclyn is a Junior, studying Media and Communication Technology. She will start her fourth internship this summer with a global company, Henkel, as a Communications Specialist at their US headquarters in Connecticut. She is particularly interested in the changing landscape of media marketing and plans to continue her education in this field long after she leaves MSU.

MSU Telecasters

George HenryRecipient: George Henry

George is a senior Media and Information major. Since transfering to MSU, He has kept himself busy doing work for the Impact 89 FM video team and The Giraffe House. George lives in Lansing with his wife and a bunch of animals.

Gary Reid Professional Development Fund

Sean BalasRecipient: Sean Balas

Sean is a Media Arts and Technology senior studying Film Scoring. He is proud to say that his work is his life in every sense of the phrase. His achievements are all the product of his family, friends, and teachers.

Robert J. & Joanne P. Kobel and Susan Meurer Expendable Scholarship

Benjamin DiefenbachRecipient: Benjamin Diefenbach

Ben is in his final year as an undergraduate student at Michigan State University and will be completing his studies in Media Arts and Technology in the spring with two specializations; one in Fiction Filmmaking and one in Game Design. He is diligently working towards becoming a 3D artist with a focus in character creation and animation for video games. In addition to school work, Ben also enjoys running, drawing, photography, video games, and playing the violin.

Samantha KruseRecipient: Samantha Kruse

Samantha is a Junior with a focus on TV, Cinema, and Radio. She hopes to pursue a career as a video editor or a cinematographer. She has a passion for the entertainment industry.

Ferris Global Award

Chelsea FiglanRecipient: Chelsea Figlan

Chelsea is a Junior studying Media and Information with an emphasis on Social and Interactive Media, and a specialization in Information and Communication Technology for Development. In her free time, she loves to listen to music, watch college sports, dance, and wakeboard. She's excited to apply her education to jobs in the real world.

Elizabeth NighswongerRecipient: Elizabeth Nighswonger

Elizabeth Nighswonger is a junior in the Media and Information program who plans to graduate a semester early in Fall 2012. After graduation, Elizabeth plans on pursuing a career in design and marketing for NGOs and non-profits in developing countries. Her study abroad program, ICT for Development in Tanzania, combines her passion for technology and design and her interest in African cultures.

Kevin R Markwardt Award

Brianna SuffetyRecipient: Brianna Suffety

Brianna is a graphic and web designer, and front-end developer from the Toledo area. She loves what she does and hopes to one day open her own web-design firm.

Communication Arts & Sciences

Brad KinnanRecipient: Brad Kinnan

Brad is currently a Junior, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts & Technology with a specialization in Fiction Film and minor in Film Studies. You could say he enjoys going to movies, but in all honesty, enjoys making them more. For three years, he has been involved in groups such as the MSU Filmmakers Club, Telecasters, and has recently started a production company with a group of his closest friends. He hopes to work in many venues of the entertainment industry around the world.

Colin MarshallRecipient: Colin Marshall

I love live music SO much! Egads! I love filmmaking, too! Wouldn't it be great to combine these two loves? Boy would it! I've made it my mission to shape a career filming musicians from all over the world. Right now, I direct a freshly-organized video series produced entirely by students that travel together making video features for touring artists that come through Michigan. It's been a fantastic journey to discover what's possible, and I can't wait to turn it into a full time career!

Josh RickertRecipient: Josh Rickert

Josh is a senior majoring in Media Arts and Technology, with a minor in Spanish and a Design Specialization. He is the Production Director at WDBM-FM, records audio for the MSU Telecasters, and works part time at the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. He is passionate about creating music, both as a musician and as a recording engineer, and is also highly interested in mobile application design.

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