Scholarships Awarded in 2011

Robert W. Schlater Graduate Scholarship

Craig TuckerRecipient: Craig Tucker

Craig is a graduate student majoring in Information and Telecommunications Management and has over a decade of experience in broadcasting, new media, and media production before coming back to Michigan State. Craig's focus is on the management and economics of the creative marketplace, and how the current industry transition could positively affect the business of compelling storytelling.

Thomas F. Baldwin Endowed Fellowship

Qiao QiRecipient: Qiao Qi

Qi is a graduate student pursuing her master degree in Telecommunication, Information Studies, & Media. Qi currently focuses on digital media design. She is from Shandong province of China. Various internships in radio stations, magazines and high-tech companies drove her to pursue further study in media industry.

Nancy Seidman Dempsey Memorial Scholarship

Jan BoehmerRecipient: Jan Boehmer

Jan is a graduate student who will persue his Ph.D. in Media and Information Studies. He holds a degree in Online Journalism from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany and has worked as a writer and editor for TV stations, newspapers and websites. He will focus on the interplay between Social Media and Journalism.

Daniel DeMaioloRecipient: Daniel DeMaiolo

Daniel is a graduate student pursuing his Master of Arts degree in Digital Media Arts & Technology with an emphasis on game design.

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