Scholarships Awarded in 2010

Nancy Seidman Dempsey Memorial Scholarship

Karl Phillips

Recipient: Karl Phillips

Karl is a graduate student, pursuing his masters in Digital Media Art & Technology. He currently interns at the Big Ten Network where he assists in filming, editing and production of content. Karl has also worked with several non-profit organizations which has allowed him to create and share media within prisons and inner-city schools across the nation.

Mi-Young Jo

Recipient: Mi-Young Jo

Mi-Young is a second year student of master's degree program in Digital Media Art & Technology. Her studies of traditional painting and Computer Graphic Design have become major resources for her creative graphic works in the field of Videos, Television, Games and Interactive Design.

Shasha Zhang

Recipient: Shasha Zhang

Shasha is a graduate student majoring in Telecommunication, Information Studies, & Media. She is from the Henan province of China. She studied journalism with internships at TV stations, newspapers and websites. Now she is studying digital media design at MSU. Hopefully she will continue her education at the Ph.D. level.

Robert W. Schlater Graduate Scholarship

Ben Rickert

Recipient: Ben Rickert

Ben is a graduate student pursuing his masters degree in Digital Media Art & Technology. Ben’s focus is in audio production and he works on campus as the Production Director for 89FM, The Impact, and as a recording engineer for the College of Music. He also works on 3 different documentaries as a sound designer and video editor.

Jaehyok Hong

Recipient: Jaehyok Hong

Jaehyok (Jay) is an M.A. student in TISM and has a B.S. degree in Japanese language and psychology from Korea University. As executive staff in Korea University Television System (KUTV), he produced educational documentaries and news programs. He is mainly interested in psychological and sociological effects of media.

Thomas F. Baldwin Endowed Fellowship

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Recipient: JXi Yue

Xi is a graduate student pursuing a degree in Telecommunication, Information Studies & Media. After graduating from Hohai University in Nanjing, China, Xi worked with China Hotels Interactive Alliance in Beijing.

Gene F. Jankowski Scholarships in Telecommunication

Solomon Martin

Recipient: Solomon Martin

Solomon is a Media Arts junior about to head into his senior at MSU. Solomon hopes to become a radio DJ or audio engineer so he can help music artists produce high quality music.

Kimber Bowman

Recipient: Kimber Bowman

Kimber is a junior majoring in Media Arts and Technology. She is currently a member of MSU Telecasters and an intern for HOM-TV in Meridian Township. She plans to pursue a career in television production and screenwriting.

Communication Arts & Sciences Scholarship in Telecommunication

Brian Garcia

Recipient: Brian Garcia

Brian is a junior DMAT major and Film Studies minor. Taking his experience of DJing and engineering at WDBM East Lansing, audio production for MSU Telecasters "The Show," and interning at Harvest Music and Sound Design, he hopes to break into radio when he graduates.

Josh Rickert

Recipient: Josh Rickert

Josh will be a sophomore pursuing a Media Arts and Technology degree and a Design Specialization. He is skilled in audio production, video production, and graphic design and is most interested in music production as well as visual media design.

Michael A Chaprnka Endowed Scholarship Award

Matthew Bambach

Recipient: Matthew Bambach

Matthew is a senior in Media Arts & Technology, the Honors College and will be graduating in spring 2011. He helped to develop the award-winning 3D visuals for MSU's Tommy and for the Rare Isotope Rap, is the vice president of the MSU chapter of the Society for News Design, and is a member of the MSU chapter of AIGA.

Eric Musser

Recipient: Eric Musser

Eric will become a junior as a Media Arts & Technology major. He is in the Honors College, a member of Spartasoft, a member of Towerguard, Vice-President of the Triathlon Club, and plans on applying for the Design & Game Design Specializations next year. He wishes to become a 3D-Artist for video games, film, and advertisement companies.

Jim Cash Creative Writing Award

Amanda Erinc

Recipient: Amanda Erinc

Amanda is a sophomore majoring in both Media Art & Technology and Advertising. She loves being involved in the world of media and is a member of MSU Telecaster's Sideshow. She also works for Spartan Vision Sports Broadcasting in their various in-house productions.

Kristopher Sundberg

Recipient: Kristopher Sundberg

Kris is a junior in Media Arts &Technology concentrating in Cinema. He was also accepted into the Fiction Film Specialization. He has several years experience working on a wide variety of media projects, including short documentary and narrative films, photography, Flash programming, web design, and audio production.

MSU Telecasters Fund

Colin Marshall

Recipient: Colin Marshall

Colin Marshall is a Freshman Honors student studying Media Arts & Technology. He is determined to become as professional as possible as quickly as possible with his career as a filmmaker.

Ira and Jennie Greene Endowed Scholarship

Ben Diefenbach

Recipient: Ben Diefenbach

Ben is a Sophomore pursuing a degree in Media Arts & Technology. He intends to become a 3D animator and will be pursuing the Fiction Film Specialization. As a member of the Honors College, Ben is academically active, but he has a wide range of interests outside of school work including running, playing the violin, drawing, and video games.

Lisa Powers

Recipient: Lisa Powers

Lisa is a senior at MSU majoring in Media Arts & Technology with a concentration in Radio, TV and Cinema. She is additionally specializing in Documentary Studies, and is the President of ASCOT (Associated Students for Career Orientation in Telecommunications).

Robert J. & Joanne P. Kobel and Susan Meurer Expendable Scholarship

Curtis Matzke

Recipient: Curtis Matzke

Curtis is a graduating Senior with a major in Media Arts & Technology, a minor in Film Studies, and a specialization in Design that allowed him to explore techniques in photography. Curtis is interested in all aspects of film-making, particularly screenwriting, directing, and editing.

Kevin R Markwardt Award

Carl Munson

Recipient: Carl Munson

Carl Munson is an undergraduate student specializing in Media Management and Research. He has a special interest in Social and New Media.

Carrie Frazier

Recipient: Carrie Frazier

Carrie is a 3rd-year senior in Media Arts & Technology. She would like to direct feature-length films and has taken several steps toward that goal, which include working on the set of The Domino Effect and making her own films, one of which will be shown in the East Lansing Film Festival. She hopes to go to film school and get her MFA in film production/directing.

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Recipient: Sarah DeBoer

Sarah is an Honors Media Arts & Technology junior, specializing in Fiction Film. She has done many interdepartmental extracurriculars, such as stage management and is the producer for the Theatre department’s “Rent” film shorts.

Sarah Everard

Recipient: Sarah Everard

Sarah will begin her second year at MSU in the fall as a Media Arts & Technology major in the TV Cinema & Radio specialization. She has worked as an editor and camera operator for an independent production company specializing in wedding and event videography for the last two years and looks forward to continuing her work there.

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