Scholarships Awarded in 2009

Nancy Seidman Dempsey Memorial Scholarship

HyoJoo Kim

Recipient: HyoJoo Kim

HyoJoo is a masters student pursuing her masters degree in Digital Media Art and Technology (DMAT).  In addition to her DMAT degree,  HyJoo is concurrently pursuing a degree in Music Composition.  HyoJoo is from South Korea and previously worked for one of the three major broadcasting companies their, Seoul Broadcasting Station.  She plans to pursue a career at a broadcasting company as a composer for radio, television, and film after completing her academic programs.

Robert W. Schlater Graduate Scholarship

Corey Metcalf

Recipient: Corey Metcalf

Corey is a first-year graduate student pursuing his masters degree in Digital Media Art and Technology.  Corey’s research interest is television and he is fascinated by the way political issues are framed by the television news media.  His proposed thesis has to do with how the events of Pearl Harbor are framed in the news media and how that affects public attitudes toward contemporary foreign policy and defense spending.

Gene F. Jankowski Scholarships in Telecommunication

Cleveland Thrasher

Recipient: Cleveland Thrasher

Cleveland is a senior in Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media with a specific interest in digital media design and audio production.

Stephanie Jones

Recipient: Stephanie Jones

Stephanie will be a sophomore in Media Art and Technology. Stephanie is interested in visual imaging and has been an active member in the community.

Communication Arts & Sciences Scholarship in Telecommunication

Ben Rickert

Recipient: Ben Rickert

Ben is a masters student pursuing his masters degree in Digital Media Art and Technology. Ben’s focus is in audio production and enjoys working with audio for television and cinema.

Michael A Chaprnka Endowed Scholarship Award

Carrie Frazier

Recipient: Carrie Frazier

Carrie is a junior in Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media. She is interested in Film and Television Production and has most recently interned for HOM-TV by helping produce, film, research, and edit news stories and live government meetings.

Joshua Farris

Recipient: Joshua Farris

Joshua is a junior in Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media and a member of the Honors College. He has a range of media experience from Web Design and Development to Photography.

Ira and Jennie Greene Endowed Scholarship

No image available

Recipient: Nick Constantine

Nick is a senior in Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media. Nick has one semester left at MSU, after which, he will receive degrees in both Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media, and English Film Studies. Nick is a talented writer and has also been working on learning the craft of filmmaking. He has written two feature length films, two half hour short length scripts, and is working on a series of shorts. Most recently, Nick had a film screened in the East Lansing Film Festival.

Robert J. & Joanne P. Kobel and Susan Meurer Expendable Scholarship

Curtis Matzke

Recipient: Curtis Matzke

Curtis is a graduating Senior with a major in Media Arts & Technology, a minor in Film Studies, and a specialization in Design that allowed him to explore techniques in photography. Curtis is interested in all aspects of film-making, particularly screenwriting, directing, and editing.

Kevin R Markwardt Award

Matthew Bambach

Recipient: Matthew Bambach

Matthew will be a junior in Media Arts and Technology and a member of the Honors College. He is entering the Design Specialization next Fall. Matthew most recently developed digital 3D visuals for the MSU Theatre Department’s production of the musical Tommy and is a member of the MSU chapter of the Society for News Design.

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