Ira and Jennie Greene Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship Fund Type:Endowment
Scholarship Fund Established: Spring 1998

Scholarship Fund Description:
The scholarship is named for and gives recognition to Ira and Jennie Greene of Hamden, Connecticut, first generation Americans, who understood and fostered the importance of education in an individual's life. Among other achievements, through their commitment to a strong work ethic and staunch family values, they were able to provide the encouragement and resources that enabled their son, David, to attend and graduate from Michigan State University. The deeper significance of the relationship between MSU and the Greene family, though, rests not only on the fine quality of education David Greene received at Michigan State and the opportunities it created to help him achieve his personal best, but on the continual contributions the University has made to the various family members during their lifetimes.

The real character and strength of Michigan State University, from the Greene's perspective, is reflected in the pride and individual fulfillment they've gained via ongoing communications and contact with Michigan State

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