TV, Cinema & Radio

This concentration prepares students for the changing world of media storytelling with the tools, techniques, and creative, entrepreneurial and analytical processes of the cinema. Our graduates are ready for a multitude of career paths—film, television, corporate video, advertising, new media—anything that involves using sound and the moving image to entertain, inform, or educate. They will leave MSU with a broad range of experience, a professional quality portfolio, and the confidence, skill, and creativity to find a personal pathway to success in the media world.

Students and faculty showing an exercise game at Meaningful Play Conference 2014

Students and faculty showing an exercise game at Meaningful Play Conference 2014

We believe in learning by doing. Our students have immediate opportunities to “make” media in our classes, in our student organizations, in client based projects, and by working with our creative faculty. They work together in hands on classes from the first semester freshman year, learning to collaborate, plan and pitch projects, and use the latest techniques and technology to tell stories. And they learn best practices for successful careers in the business of media—from budgeting to promotion to marketing to distribution.

The concentration in TV, Cinema & Radio is a liberal arts degree, with half of the coursework taken outside the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Every student will leave MSU with a strong grounding in the liberal arts, leading to an understanding of the world in which we live and work, as well as a sense of the central role of communication in modern life. They will appreciate the importance of considering historical, artistic, social, economic, and cultural forces in shaping the stories and messages that they will create.


Students in this concentration take at least 12 credits from the following set of courses (please check the official MSU catalog for the full degree requirements):

1. The following course (3 credits):
MI 341 Film Style Production for Cinema and Television (3 credits)

2. Two of the following courses (6 credits):

MI 247 Three-Dimensional Modeling and Design (3 credits)
MI 337 Compositing and Special Effects (3 credits)
MI 342 Multi Camera Production for Television (3 credits)
MI 343 Basic Audio Production (3 credits)
MI 344 Sound Design for Cinema, Television, and Games (3 credits)
MI 347 Three-Dimensional Computer Animation (3 credits)
MI 348 Advanced Lighting and Camera Techniques (3 credits)
MI 351 Producing for Cinema and Television (3 credits)
MI 352 Advanced Video Editing (3 credits)
MI 377 Advanced 3D Modeling (3 credits)

3. One of the following courses (3 credits):

MI 442 Design of Cinema and Television Projects (W) (3 credits)
MI 443 Audio Industry Design and Management (W) (3 credits)
MI 447 Three-Dimensional Animation Workshop (W) (3 credits)
MI 499 Media and Information Capstone (W) (3 credits)

With the explosion in new media platforms, learning how to create compelling media content is more important than ever. Our students (from MSU Telecasters) have the nation's longest running cable television program in "The Show" and their work is shown on many cable and public television outlets as well as at film festivals and in online platforms. We also manage IMPACT 89 FM, the winner of the Michigan Association of Broadcaster's college radio station of the year award for the last ten years.


Recent graduates found employment in the following jobs (selection):

  • Executive Producer, WILS Lansing, Lansing, MI
  • Location Manager, BBC Two Documentary, Detroit, MI
  • Editor/Videographer, Big Ten Network, Lansing, MI
  • Cinematographer and VFX Artist, Eightfold Marketing, Lansing, MI
  • Production Assistant, FOX, Los Angeles, CA
  • Production Assistant, FOX Sports Detroit, Detroit, MI
  • Junior Account Executive, Latcha + Associates, Farmington Hills, MI
  • Camera PA, Lookout Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA
  • On-air Personality, MacDonald Broadcasting, Lansing, MI
  • Jr. Art Director, Manasian, Inc., Boston, MA
  • Production Assistant, NFL Network, Los Angeles, CA
  • Audio Lead, Mobius Digita, Los Angeles, CA
  • VR Project Artist, Red Dot Square Solutions, Minneapolis, MN
  • Technical Services Assistant, Sony Pictures Classics, New York, NY
  • Digital Solutions, Acquity Group, Chicago, IL
  • Associate Producer, Autoweek, Detroit, MI
  • Producer, Big Ten Network, East Lansing, MI
  • Broadcast Associate, CBS, New York, NY
  • Freelance Video Editor, Country Music Television, Nashville, TN
  • Final Cut Pro Editor, Dark Spark, Royal Oak, MI
  • Operations Technician, ESPN, Bristol, CT
  • Story Production Assistant, MTV Networks, Lincoln Park, IL
  • Digital Media Consultant, Spartan Internet Consulting, Lansing, MI
  • Videographer, WILX News 10, East Lansing, MI
  • Newsroom Assistant/Producer, WLNS, Lansing, MI
  • Assistant Producer, Zerosun Pictures, Denver, CO

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