Program Descriptions - High School

Camp programs feature content pulled right from the college curriculum, created and advised by leading faculty in the relevant content area, and led by experienced teaching assistants and college mentors.  Programs are a unique blend of college-lecture style instruction and tons of one-on-one instruction during lab. Programs include beginning and more advanced options to engage and graduate students to different levels of difficulty. Campers work in teams, and get personal access to college and professional level equipment, the industry's leading software, and access to a library of digital resources during and after camp to continue practicing and learning. Students collaborate to produce a project to take home at the end of their experience.

► Beginner Video Game Design Camp

The Video Game Design Camp teaches students the basics of game design and development. Throughout the week, students are engaged in the game design process, from the initial game ideation, storyboarding, and pitching to the iterative development process of prototyping, playtesting, and balancing. Students learn the process, tasks, and roles involved in game development, including programmer, artist, designer, and producer, while building their very own 3D video game.

Software & Tools: Unity3D, Photoshop, Blender, Audacity

► Mobile Game Development Camp

Develop games for mobile devices using Codeheart. This is an introduction to Javascript course.  

Software & Tools: JavaScript, Codeheart

► Advanced Video Game Design Camp

Building on the basic foundations of the beginner camp, students will learn the ins and outs of 3D level design and build levels for their own game. Campers must take the Video Game Design Camp prior to taking the Advanced Video Game Design Camp.

Software: Unity3D, Photoshop, Blender, Audacity
Prerequisites: Students must take our Video Game Design Camp before taking the Advanced Video Game Design Camp. Students can take the Video Game Design Camp either the week before or in a previous summer. Students who have attended the middle school section of Video Game Design Camp must take the first week of the high school Video Game Design Camp before being eligible to enroll in the high school Advanced Video Game Design Camp because the program curriculum, introduction to software, and gaming concepts taught are substantially different.

► 3D Animation Camp

3D Animation Camp teaches students the basics of creating computer-generated imagery (CGI). Throughout the week, students learn to model three-dimensional objects from pre-derived assets and then animate for film and video game applications. Students learn the foundation of rigging and texturing, and how to add character motion like walking and jumping.

Software: Autodesk Maya

► Digital Cinema Camp

Campers get into small "crews" to create a short digital movie from start to finish using professional cameras, equipment, and techniques. Topics include Short Film Storyline and Structure, Shooting the Digital Film, Editing the Digital Film using Adobe film editing software, and Movie Analysis and Critique. Campers write, shoot, edit, and receive a digital copy of their very own short film.

Software: Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Audacity

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