Program Description: Middle School

Digital Cinema Camp

Campers get into small "crews" to create a short digital movie from start to finish using professional cameras, equipment, and techniques. Topics include Short Film Storyline and Structure, Shooting the Digital Film, Editing the Digital Film using Adobe film editing software, and Movie Analysis and Critique. Campers write, shoot, edit, and receive a digital copy of their very own short film.

Prerequisite: No prior experience or knowledge is required.

TV Production Camp

Learn how television shows are produced by shooting in Michigan State University's multi-camera studio and star in your own television programs. MSU faculty and staff will provide instruction on areas of pre-production including writing, storyboarding, set design, and casting; camera production and equipment operation; and gain practice as a camera operator, announcer, switchboard operator; develop presenter and on-screen personalities; and become experienced in the role of director and producer. Students perform a simulated live television broadcast and tape their experience to take home!

NEW! Game Design Camp with Minecraft™

Learn to be a game designer using Minecraft and enhance your current Minecraft creation skills. Students will explore how the role of artist, designer, and programer is relevant to game development using Minecraft as the vehicle for learning. Students will learn how to create fun and challenging minecraft adventure maps while learning the methods and practices of game design and how it all impacts gameplay from the perspective of a real game designer. Specialized topics include prototyping, ideation, and custom art. Students publish and playtest their Minecraft creations with their classmates on our group server.

There is no learning pre-requisites for this course, but it is important students are familiar with the Minecraft game and environment for them to enroll in this course. Students are required to have their own Minecraft account to attend and participate. The cost of camp does not include the purchase of a Minecraft license. You may purchase the game here!

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