Media and Information PhD Faculty

Johannes M. Bauer, PhD
Department Chair
ICT governance, economics and international developments
Saleem Alhabash, PhD
Digital persuasion and social media
Shelia Cotten, PhD
Technology use and effects across the lifespan
Constantinos K. Coursaris, PhD
Graduate Director
Human-computer interaction, web usability and social media
William H. Dutton, PhD
Director of the Quello Center
Information policy
Josh Introne, PhD
Computer supported collaborative work and socio-computational systems
Robert LaRose, PhD
New media uses and effects
Young (Anna) Lee, PhD
Social media and social computing
Casey O'Donnell, PhD
Ethnography of game design and development
Tai Woo ParkTai Woo Park, PhD
Exergames and social interaction
Wei Peng, PhD
Serious games, health communication and media effects
Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai, PhD
Aesthetics and documentary production
Emilee Rader, PhD
Information sharing in socio-technical systems
Rabindra Ratan, PhD
Socio and psychological approaches to interactive media
Charles Steinfield, PhD
Social and organizational impacts of new media
Wietske Van Osch, PhD
Collaborative innovation in online communities and social media
Rick Wash, PhD
Social media impacts, new media research and methods
Susan Wyche, PhD
Technology appropriation in non-Western societies
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