Media and Information MA Admission Requirements

Prospective students must submit:

  • a Graduate School application;
  • official and original transcripts and degree certification documents from all colleges attended (applicants must have completed the minimum of a 4 year bachelors program) (NOTE: For applicants submitting materials from China, please see detailed information in item 3 below) ;
  • all official transcripts or mark sheets, diplomas and/or certificates mailed in an official, sealed envelope directly to MSU from each institution attended. Photocopies are not acceptable. Original documents issued directly to students (in an open, unsealed envelope and/or documents only issued once to students) are also not acceptable;
  • official GRE test scores on the General Test (we like to see scores at least in the 50th percentile);
  • TOEFL test scores for international students (The department requires a minimum of 91 IBT with no subscores below 22; or a 237 CBT with no subscores below 22; or a 580 PBT with no subscores below 55. Reported scores must be no older than 2 years);
  • three letters of recommendation (no special forms required);
  • a personal statement and an academic statement of goals for graduate study and professional career. (The academic statement should clearly identify to which emphasis the student wishes to apply.)
  • Statement of Financial Proof *International students only*

Admission is determined by an evaluation of the complete application package. Students whose grade-point averages were below 3.25 in the last two years of their undergraduate work must present evidence of special merit through professional experience or extracurricular activities. Students without adequate background in telecommunication through courses or professional experience will be required to enroll in appropriate undergraduate coursework.

An applicant's file cannot be evaluated until all materials have arrived. The deadline for receipt of application and all materials is April 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester.

To apply to our program please follow the following steps:

    1. Complete the Graduate School Application (online interactive application). The fee is $50 and can be paid with credit card, check (US Funds), or money order.
    2. Upload the following materials to the Applicant Portal:
      • Email addresses for your three recommenders (Note: An email will be sent out to your recommenders providing them the information on where to go to submit their letters electronically. So please be sure to list accurate information. The department will only accept letters submitted via the online system. The department will not accept letters submitted through any other format.)
      • Academic Statement
      • Personal Statement
      • Resume or Vita
      • Statement of Financial Proof *International students only*
    3. Send the following materials to the Director of MA Studies, Department of Media and Information, 404 Wilson Road, Room 409, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824:
      • One copy of official and original transcripts and degree certification documents for all college work.
      • Applicants from China:During the application process, applicants submit certified copies (sealed and stamped by institutions) of all post-secondary transcripts, graduation certificates and degrees directly to the Media & Information department (see address above). MSU requires these documents in the original language (Chinese) as well as an official English translation.Effective Spring 2015, Michigan State University will require all incoming ADMITTED students pursuing degrees or who have earned degrees from universities in China to submit a verification report (English version) through the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) for their final bachelor degree transcripts (大学成绩单) and bachelor degree (本科学位证书). All verification reports need to be sent to the MSU Office of Admissions directly by CDGDC. For those Master degree granted student, we only need the undergraduate level verification report from CDGDC.
        Please refer to the CDGDC website for more information:

Please note that the department will only accept hard copies of official transcripts. All other materials should be reported electronically through the Applicant Portal or reported via ETS to the University. Supporting materials sent as a hard copy that should be submitted electronically in the Applicant Portal will not be accepted by the department.

  1. Report the following directly to the Office of Admissions
    • Official GRE Scores (Note: Please use the university code of 1465. There is no need to use a department code.)
    • Official TOEFL Scores *International students only* (Note: Please use the University code of 1465. There is no need to use a department code.)

Graduate assistantships and financial aid awards will be based on merit.

**International students should be aware that in addition to your TOEFL score meeting our minimum standards, we require that all admitted International students take the English Language test provided by the University upon arrival to MSU. International students are required to take this test prior to enrolling for courses and placement into courses will be done so according to the test results. If you for some reason you do not pass the test, you will be required to take a semester of English Language courses at your expense, and may not be able to enroll for any additional academic courses. Once you have successfully completed the English Language courses you will be removed from provisional to regular status. For more information about the ELC test you may visit their website at For up-to-date information on tuition and fees please go to

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