Media and Information Master's Courses

The Department of Media and Information offers a wide range of courses that help a student advance their education. Below is a sample of recent courses offered in this department. Please note that not all courses are available each semester, and there can be several different special topics courses offered covering quite different subjects. To see what courses are offered in a particular semester, including special topics courses, visit the MSU Course Schedule site.


TC 401: Media Impacts on Society
TC 411: Collaborative Documentary Design and Production (W)
TC 435A: Creating the Fiction Film I
TC 435B: Creating the Fiction Film II
TC 442: Cinema and TV Projects (W)
TC 443: Audio Industry Design and Management (W)
TC 444: Information Technology Project Management
TC 445: Game Design & Development I
TC 447: Advanced Three Dimensional Animation Workshop
TC 450: Human Computer Interaction and Experience Design (W)
TC 452: Media Strategy (W)
TC 455: Game Design and Development II
TC 458: Project Management (W)
TC 462: Social Computing (W)
TC 472: Electronic Commerce (W)
TC 480: Information and Communication Technology for Development
TC 488: Information and Communication Technology Global Corps Field Study
TC 490: Independent Study
TC 491: Special Topics
TC 493: Telecommunication Internship
TC 497: Game Design Studio
TC 498: Collaborative Game Design
TC 802: Telecommunication Research Methods
TC 803: Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods
TC 820: Introduction to Theory in Telecommunication, Information, and Society
TC 831: Theories of Games and Interaction for Design
TC 832: Serious Game Theories
TC 840: Foundations of Digital Media Art & Technology
TC 841: Design Research
TC 843: Digital Media Project
TC 845: Human Computer Interaction
TC 850: Telecom Policy Analysis
TC 854: Economics of Media Markets and Strategies
TC 861: Information Networks & Technologies
TC 875: Information and Communication Technologies for Development
TC 890: Independent Study
TC 891: Special Topics

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